A time ago, before Shyama was born, (or hatched...) her parents and humans lived in harmony and peace. Most unusual because so many where against the dragon species. Some dragons would burn hard-worked crops, villages and eat-up the livestock that the inhabitants had worked so hard to produce. Shyama's parents did neither of the sort. They actually tried to right the wrongs done by their dragon brethren.. this, angered the higharchy clan-leaders. Angered them, greatly. But of course, the Higharchy tried to overlook this fault.. because Shyama's father, Argo, was a respectful member of the clan. But one problem can only be ignored for so long...

After Shyama was born, and no more than a few months old, (unable to care for hersef still) the Higharchy murdered her father in cold blood, after a huge dispute between him and the clan's next hunt of an old farmer and his lifestock. His mate, Devoki, (and Shyama's Mother) had no idea what had happened to her mate, until the Higharchy appeared at her den located high in a mountianside. Devoki protected Shyama as best as she could, but she, too was killed.

The Higharchy Dragon, or Saccage, was a pure black dragon and very, very evil. Upon leaving Devoki's body for rot one of the members of the clan had found the dragonette and felt a deep sorrow for her. Even though the dragon could not convince Saccage to accept the infant into the clan, he took the infant and cared for her himself. But, Saccage soon found out about Shyama and attacked her! The Guardian, Harkin, (who was a red dragon) protected Shyama and risked his very life, before she escaped, She watched in horror as Saccage slaughtered Harkin.

She had not been the same, again.

Shyama, over the years, had run into some bad blood.. A warlock named Argon. Whom had transformed her from the massave dragon state into an Anthro, He enslaved her and kept her for 2-years. The warlock was very abusive, rarely fed her and when he was drunk, he would Rape her. Argon threatened Shyama, that if she where to ever speak of how he treated her, he would use his most powerful spell to kill the dragon.

However, The warlock was killed during the great Dragon/Mage war. She took this chance to escape and on the way to sanctuary, she ran into the Higharchy of the Drache Dragon Clan. Saccage. Shyama had found pleasure in watching such a sickening beast die a slow and painful death; she would've leave him to suffer if it wern't for his silver-tounge. In anger, the dragoness brought a battle-axe down upon the black-dragon's skull. Though the years, Shyama had not been right in the head ever sense she had watched the brutial rape and killing of her mother, and the slaughter of her guardian. Seeing such violent acts toward the dragons she loved, set her mind into override and her off into a state of mental distress.