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Luck ritual

What you will need

Anoint candles with a purification or blessing oil. Anoint the black candle from end to wick, to remove bad luck. The others from wick to end to bring what you desire. Light the candle representing you and say: This is me, name, everything that I am. Light the black candle and say: This is my bad luck. Leave me now, you're not welcome here anymore. I shed no tears over the parting. Light the silver candle and say: This one neutralizes any remnants of bad luck. They dissolve into nothingness now. Light the orange one and say: This one represents the changes for good which are coming into my life, I welcome them with open arms. Light the magenta one and say: This is the astral energy that I need to speed up the charge. Sit for several minutes chanting: I welcome change. I welcome the incoming good into my life. Let the candles completely burn.

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