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Faerie pictures

Faeries are magical creatures and can be used in spell casting. Usually faeries are solitary creatures and are a bit timid around humans. As beautiful as they are they are also very mischevious and often cause alot of trouble. Faeries are very helpful in spell casting they are known to make your words stronger and cary them to the god and goddes. But this doesn't come free you must give them something in return

Dark Faeries

dark faeries are not always evil. Certain faeries can be mischeavious but they are sometimes very helpful

Element faeries

Some faeries use the signs of their element as their power. For example the water faerie would be very gifted with magic having to do with water.


Pixies are the most mischevious of all faeries. They can cause turmoil everywhere they go. If not given an offering when summoned for magic they will grant you bad luck and usually they do not return.