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Casting your magic circle

Casting Circle “Casting a magical circle is an electrifying and empowering experience – you can feel the power running through you the minute you start. When you cast a circle, you know you’re a Witch because you can feel yourself working with divinity. A sacred circle is your temple and you don’t need stones, mortar, or money to create it. So why do we cast a circle? The most common explanation is that you need a container to hold the energy you raise for magic, just as you need a pot to boil water. The circle is a container, made of elemental, psychic and sacred energies, that holds magical energy.” Phyllis Curott, Witch Crafting Create sacred space with a circle… a crucible for change. You can cast circle out in Nature in the woods or in the park, or in your home. You can also cast a circle around yourself for an immediate infusion of energy or protection wherever you are. Try this method from Phyllis Curott’s Witch Crafting. Purify yourself with a bath and cleanse the area with incense or smudge. Then to cast circle, you can use a Wand, Athame, Sword or your hand. “Salute the east, and then walk slowly deosil around the circle. As you walk, visualise a circle of blue-and-white flame, or light, flowing from the tip of your wand, athame or fingertips. Feel the energy rising from the Earth and flowing through you to shape the circle in which you will work. Take your time. And say: “I conjure this circle as sacred space, a place between the worlds where the worlds meet. I conjure this circle as a boundary and a protection to preserve and to contain the energies that I (or we) shall raise herein. Thrice do I conjure this circle as a safe space, a sacred place where the Divine resides, where spirit and matter are one, in perfect love and perfect trust. As I do will, so mote it be.” As you return to the east at the end of the third circle, see the energies connecting. Visualize the three lines of blue-and-white light that you have spun around the circle spreading into a sphere that surrounds the entire area with energy. When you have accomplished this, walk deosil and return to the altar.