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NAME: Boxing Legends of the Ring
AUTHOR/VENDOR: Electrobrain
TYPE: Sports (boxing)
LANGUAGE: English and Spanish






Review by DTurner
  Boxing Legends of the ring was a well-rounded boxing game. You had a great cast of middleweight Legends to chose from, good graphics and an overall good game. Plenty of boxing buffs who think the Middle Weight class is the best will like this game. Sports fans in general will like this breath of fresh air because we are too use to seeing, boxing games like Evander Holyfield, and Greatest Heavyweights. This game is based on your actual skills and boxing no how, and not cheap combos like the as fore mentioned games. This game impressed me from start to finish, and it is one of the best Genesis Boxing games you can have in your collection.

Story N/A

Most boxing games follow the same type of story. You getr the fight the best fighters of all time, you are a literal nobody who just so happened to get 30 wins and 10 knockouts in your short career. You have to fight the best there is and was greats like Lamotta, Both comings of Sugar Ray Leonard and Robinson, Graziano, Duran, and any a few others. Some greats that are in the middle weight class today, who were out when this game was created like Roy Jones Jr. and Oscar Dela Hoya were not present in this game. Really you don't have too many young guys, most of the guys are from the early 80's and back.

Graphics 7/10

The ring had an appealing look to it. The background and the signs out side of the ring gave you the feel that you were in a real prizefight. Their were HBO signs and Las Vegas signs every where that is if you looked pass the opponent who was in your face and breathing down your throat. The sprites were huge and highly detailed al though everyone did have the same body frame, which was cut up. The punches and the connection time were perfected to a science, and flurries came out of now where at any time. The characters moved pretty fast and much like real boxers so you had to stay on your toes to dodge some of the deadly combinations thrown at you. Some of the faces looked a little cheesy and unrealistic, these were usually on the created guys, the real guys looked pretty good though.

Sound 6/10

The song in the beginning of the game reminded me of music that was pretty much found in most side scrollers at the time. During the fight all you heard was the ring of the bell, and the grunts of you or your worthy opponent. The ref did his part to, he said fight, counted to 10, and knock out. Other than that there weren't any voices or taunt calls from the fighters. The crowd was live and energetic and they were pretty fickle, one second they would cheer for you and the opponent. The sound department went well with the graphics on this game and all the thuds of the punches were time perfectly with the animation.

Game Play 8/10

This game was for 1 or 2 players. You had a nice list of boxers to chose from, which I mentioned above. Each boxer had their real life strength and weaknesses, like Lamotta was a slugger who ignored blocking and was quick, exactly like the games version. Their were 3 modes of play, Exhibition Career, and Tournament. Exhibition was where you selected the options like round length, TKO rule and the camera perspective. Then you selected from the 8 available fighters, or you can use your password for the created character. The season mode is where you make your own pugilist. You give him everything name nickname, look, skin color, and what types of punches do he throws best, and how much power will be behind those punches. Then you get a super punch. A super punch is given to you at the beginning of each round, you can tell you have one if a small boxing glove is next to your name. You have 3 different types Super Uppercut, Super Hook, and Super Overhand. The maximum you can get is 3, and they do a hefty amount of damage. When you first step into the ring your first opponent will be Kinikini a fake boxer just to test your skill on. Everyone after have is random, as you go up you can look at your opponents stats, the first guys stats will be low, but the top guy will have his true to life stats, maybe even better. At first the game seems easy but like most the farther you get the harder your opponent gets. After you beat each guy you will have to fight him in a re match and their a little harder the second time around. The last mode is a tournament this mode will only be used once you win the career mode, you will be given a password to use here. The difficulty is adjustable and there is a password feature.

Overall 8/10

This a excellent game and one of the best boxing sims money can buy. The replay value is high with a friend you can battle for hours in grueling battle to see who is the best. You can have all those dream fights with guys like Leonard vs. Robinson, Duran vs. Toney and others. The fun factor is high too because this was one of the first boxing games that had a real innovative create your own boxer, where you can assign him the power behind each punch. My only gripe with this game is the fact that their aren't that many boxers in it, only 8 greats, some home made guys with a 30 or so man season, and no rematches would have been great. It gets a little tedious when you got to fight the same guy countless times. Al though it is still complete without, this also the tournament mode could have been more innovative than it was as well. If your looking for a great boxing sim that features middle weights this is your only choice. That's a Dy$e Guarantee.
Reviewer's Score: 8 / 10




Game Genie™ Codes For Boxing Legends Of The Ring

# Code Description
2 AVGA-AA2W Infinite time per round--must get a knockout
3 AF1A-AAG8 Each round is 1 minute
4 AK1A-AAG8 Each round is 2 minutes
5 AV1A-AAG8 Each round is 4 minutes
6 AZ1A-AAG8 Each round is 5 minutes
7 A71A-AAG8 Each round is 7 minutes
8 BF1A-AAG8 Each round is 9 minutes
9 ABVT-AABY Player 1 starts with 0 superpunches
10 AKVT-AABY Player 1 starts with 2 superpunches
11 APVT-AABY Player 1 starts with 3 superpunches
12 ATVA-AA90 Player 1 gets infinite superpunches
13 SEVA-BJZT Each knockdown worth 2 superpunches to Player 1
14 SEVA-BNZT Each knockdown worth 3 superpunches to Player 1
15 ABVT-AACA Player 2 starts with 0 superpunches
16 AKVT-AACA Player 2 starts with 2 superpunches
17 APVT-AACA Player 2 starts with 3 superpunches
18 ATVA-AA9C Player 2 gets infinite superpunches
19 SEVA-BJY4 Each knockdown worth 2 superpunches to Player 2
20 SEVA-BNY4 Each knockdown worth 3 superpunches to Player 2
21 AXLA-AA9R Infinite stamina for Player 1
22 SFGA-BGY6 Player 1 regains stamina faster than normal
23 AXGT-AA6Y Infinite stamina for Player 2
24 SFGA-BGWL Player 2 regains stamina faster than normal
25 LALT-DA7W Punch power starts at maximum
26 FALT-DA7W Punch power starts at half of maximum
27 AALT-DA7W Punch power starts at zero
28 NALT-CAHE Stamina starts at maximum
29 GALT-CAHE Stamina starts at half of maximum
30 AALT-CAHE Stamina starts at zero
31 LAMA-DA2Y Chin starts at maximum
32 FAMA-DA2Y Chin starts at half of maximum
33 AAMA-DA2Y Chin starts at zero
34 RE3T-C6TW Infinite strength beads







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