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Crossed Hearts

This site hosts the fanfiction that I have written. All of the stories are x-overs with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They are mostly Willow-centric. But there are also some Dawn fics and some Cordy too. I hope you enjoy. If you have any pairings or challenges you'd like me to try, please e-mail me.   Feedback is always welcomed.

Updates 9/9/04

Lots of updates. If your looking for my stories as soon as they come out, check I always update there first. My author name is Malana.

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My Stories (Click the link to get a story

Divinity Of Hell (Smallville)
Ms. Rosenberg Goes to Washington (West Wing) *Complete*
Pretended Love (The Pretender) *Complete*
Bad on So Many Levels (West Wing)
Pull Me Up, Drag Me Down (X-Files)
Ergo Propter Hoc (West Wing)
R.EM. Song Title Series (Willow fic)
Bob Dylan Song Title Series (Cordy Fic)
Simon and Garfunkel Song Title Series (Dawn fic)
Barenaked Ladies Song Title Series (Chloe fic)
Other one-part stories (various crossings)
Fall On Me (Angel/Smallville)
Of Love and Vengeance (Angel/Smallville)
Mind vs Heart (Angel/Smallville)
CrossingCordy: a Cordelia fanfiction yahoo group.
CrossingDawn: a Dawn fanfiction yahoo group.
Truth, Justice, and the American Way (Smallville/Buffy)