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okay so this is angelfire... its pretty gay, and it sucks dick most of the time, but atleast it works... okay so im margie, i go to DSD, im 5'4, 120lbs... i play soccer, and im a goalie. i also love music but mainly rap. 50 cent is god. shoutoutz to all my friends here... the girls: maxxe, lindz, steff, andrea, christina, trish, chaos, cort, elysia, sara, becky, megan, steph, kens, nicole, ashley (hahaa omg gyms hilarious), and rachel... oh and ofcourse, my entire soccer team who made this season unbearably crazy and funny. da guys: jesse, josh, gerrid, ryan, matt, matt, matt, matt, blockus, matt, and another matt... continuing on... nick, mike, jarrod, adam, panZ, billy, bill, balti, kish, adam, barry, tom, kyle, luksh, logan (im sooo gonna hurt you :-P ;-)), steve, cory, max, ira, jim, josh, smurff, chris, james (my 311 buddy!), hetro, jon, phil, greg, besecker, john, amon, andrew, and diaz... tell me if i forgot you... i probably did, but who knows... and for all the matts, just assume youre one of them

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