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I have known "Sijo" Robert "Dragon" Smith, Founder of the Shao Choy Hung Kung Fu System for over 18 years and I have had the pleasure of working with him, studying under him, sitting on the black belt testing boards for his students and watching generations of his students perform the myrid arts of Chin Na, 5 Animal style kung fu, Chuan Fa [Kenpo],Northern and Southern Kicking techniques and Chinese Weaponry. He is,in my humble opinion, one of the smoothest experts in the art of Chin Na that it has been my privilage to know. Having worked with, and seen, such Chin Na experts as Dr. Yang Jwing Ming,David German, David Rix as well as jujutsu experts such as Wally Jay and Florendo Visitacion and many others, I would consider his [Smith's] Chin Na to be on an even keel with these world-reknown masters of their art. His ability to expound upon basic, intermediate, and advanced chin na techniques has to be "felt to be believed" and his ability to extemporaneously respond with a vast amount of economical, simplistic yet effective actions is a sight to behold! As a Black Belt in several arts and a martial arts historian, I can attest to Sijo Smith's skill and prowess in the martial arts. In a world where so-called "founders" are doing nothing more than simply rehashing their respective arts with a new and decorative name, "Dragon" stands apart because of the unique creative thought process and the intuitive ability to formulate new theories,concepts and techniques on the spot based on the fundamental principles of his art, but also his unique "hands on" approach that makes it work efficently with little to no effort. In closing, I heartily recommend to anyone and everyone to take the opportunity and study with this gentleman of the martial arts, whether for his wonderful sense of humor, his humble demeanor, his great love for the art that he has created, or his honest, no nonsense approach to the arts in general, you will gain valuble insight and knowledge in the chinese martial arts under the guidance of the "Dragon", Sijo Robert Smith.

Joseph P. Rebelo II "KENPOJOE", Kyoshi,Nindo Ryu Kobujutsu, Senior Instructor-Ed Parker's American Kenpo & 12 other arts,Martial Arts historian and host of the "Martial Arts Today" Television Show

Sijo Robert "The Dragon" Smith is an excellent instructor and true martial artist. I count myself lucky to be able to train with a man with such a vast knowledge of the martial arts. As well as being a great techer Sijo is an all around good person. I look forward to many more meetings with him in the future.

Herbert Paige Jr. "Black Dragon Kempo"

Another quality seminar given by Sijo Bob "The Dragon" Smith. The knowledge of this man is immense. What intense striking power & speed too. I continue to be amazed by his humbleness, and love of martial arts. He showed me today why he is a grandmaster. I wish I could express how much I appreciate all the knowledge he shares with me every time we meet.

Doug Veronesi "Mr. V's Kempo Jujitsu"


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