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10th Degree Black Belt Shao-Choy-Hung Kung Fu
10th Degree Black Belt Shao-Choy-Hung Chuan Fa "Chinese Kenpo"
10th Degree Black Belt Shao-Choy-Hung Chin Na
8th Degree Black Belt Jujitsu
8th Degree Black Belt Atemi Do
6th Degree Black Belt Nindo Ryu Gendai Taijutsu
5th Degree Black Belt in Kenpo from Grandmaster Robert Hoe
Senior technical advisor for Nindo Ryu Goshin Jujutsu
Roju Council of Elders "Nindo Ryu International"
Member of Budokan America Council of Masters
Member of the International Black Belt Organization's Grandmaster Council

The Dragon studied Kung Fu from Wing Pong Sung of Chinatown in Boston, Massachusetts. Dragon holds rank from Carlos Febres of Nindo Ryu International. He has also obtained the rank of 5th Degree Black Belt in Kenpo from Grandmaster Robert Hoe of Maine. The Dragon was a Navy Seal and assistant martial arts instructor for the Navy Seals in 1968. Dragon is the founder of Shao-Choy-Hung Kung Fu. He is proficient in many martial arts, and many weapons. He designed the "Windstorm" weapon that you see on this page, and the "Lung Sais". He also is knowledgeable in Chin Na, and pressure point fighting. The Dragon has a five animal form that is great to watch. Each animal has 10 sets, or combinations to it. A must see for the five animal practitioner. Sijo Smith has also been in "NINJA" magazine as well as various local newspapers. Sijo has done seminars for the North Attelboro Army Reserve, Local Martialarts Schools, Rape Prevention Training, School kids, at Bryantville, MA, and so much more. Sijo Does seminars for martial arts schools, law enforcement, security companies, grade schools, and much more. Dragon also practices Chi Gung. The development of inner strength. He also teaches Northern & Southern styles of kicking.

Dragon is available for local private lessons as well. Dragon travels from school to school sharing his knowledge, and spreading his art of Shao-Choy-Hung Kung Fu.

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