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doom [OE. dom.] n. 1. a judgment; sentence 2. fate 3. ruin or death - vt. 1. to pass judgment on; condemn 2. to destine to a tragic fate

lounge (lounj) vi. lounged, lounging 1. to move, sit, lie, etc. in a relaxed manner 2. to spend time in idleness - n. 1. a room with comfortable furniture for lounging 2. a couch or sofa

The Doom Lounge Project is a collaborative creative writing process - a strange and mythical world brought to life by the imagination of a certain Mr. Miley - a world into which we have thrust characters both foreign and familiar.

The world itself is based upon, or within, the realm of Dungeons and Dragons. The characters, from the renowned Savage Clan down to the half-orc lounge singer Yarbo, have existed before, in other worlds no less strange but certainly different.

So the project has served to resurrect these characters, bring old friends together, and once again test the limits of our imaginations (not to mention our writing skills).

So sit back in a relaxed manner, perhaps upon a comfortable couch or sofa, and enjoy your tragic fate, ruination or death sentance - because you're always amongst friends at the Doom Lounge.