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Through the Generations

By Mary Baterna

Where it all begins, the Philippines

Manuela Ergino
Susana Ergino Baterna
Mary Rosanna Baterna


Through the generations, the transition from childhood to becoming an adult has changed within the women in my family. My grandmother and mother grew up in a small town called San Fabian in the Philippines. There was nothing much to do in those days, but spend time with family and work in the rice fields. There was no electricity except in some areas, was no televisions, and only battery powered radios. I am the only one of the three generations that grew up in the United States and had the luxury of things that my mother and grandmother did not experience. Since I had the chance of growing up in the United States, my initiation of becoming an adult was different from that of my mother and grandmother. My grandmother and mother had more hardships during their years of growing up because of their way of life. The music, however, that each of us have chosen are songs that we have sung to complete the transition of becoming adults.

Children playing with a caraboa in the river

Sunset at Pangloa Island

Rice Terraces, Batad

My Grandmother
My Mother