Tigger's Corner

Hey all. This is the poetic page. I've put some of my work on the site for all to read, and you can compliment or criticize all you want. The site wouldn't allow me to put all of these poems in stanza format, so you have to use your poetic side and find out how to read it. You'll also find the poetry archive, where poems sent in by others are up for viewing. Feel free to send in your works, and soon, I'll put it in a more user friendly format.

My Short Stories

Tigger's Plight- A little thing to explain me (( and people like me )) in general
Osprey Criminal- For those of who wondered how I got this name...here it is. It came to me in a dream...and this is that dream

My Poems

A Young Girl- One of my earlier works that was written for a special girl
Betrayal- Something from my bitter days...not to be repeated again ;)
Friendship- Marsha inspired me for this one...we've had fights, but those better days make up for it
I Knew You- This work was entered into a poetry contest...I was invited to d.c. to present it at my expense, so naturally, I didn't go ^-^
I Will Remember- This one is for Cristina...I'll love her now and forever
Day Dreamer-This one is about Kristine...I wrote a long time ago...
Unnamed Poem-I need help naming this one...send me your ideas
Dreamland- A strange reacurring dream I have...also the process in which I dream
Tiggers Creed- The oath that Tigger's live by
Love's Frustrations-The constant thoughts of break-up and not being loved, all in one, neat little poem
A Jealous Friend- The feelings of a friend who wants something more...
The Greatest Power- A stupid thingy that I wrote about that quote on the first page...kinda stupid but yeah
The Friend Factor- What happens when best friends get too close...I stumbled onto some old works, and this was one of them.
An Ocean... - The process of falling in love all over again...
Looking Back- The feeling and process of reflecting...ah, the joy and pain of remembering...-NEW

~NEW!~ Poetry Archive

Life is a Stage- A view on life by Tabitha Arguelles
Reve- A hybrid poem brought to you by the one called Jay
Avidity- A step up the comprehension latter brought to you by Jay
Imaginations...- A realm where reality is fantasy brought to you by Jay
Intact- Remove yourself from this world, by Orly
Poem- Ever the one to make you think abstractly, Senor Frankie has submitted one of his own...
Abyss- To question thought or to not?...by Sarah Pan :D
Hollow Eyes- The facades we put on in the morning question who we really are...Another one by Tabi
The Play- The constant charade and a play on Hollow Eyes by Tabi
Sunshine- The tale of love...the ever vigilante shall be rewarded, from Diana
Alive- Question life, by Orly
Empty Breather- Delve into the deeper things, by Orly
Questioning Myself- A prose selection, by Kes
Love- the true definition of love, by Kes