Sweet Dreams

Erm… O~ka~y… will you look at that I wrote smut ^^ aren’t you proud of me Alty. Erm… this is the third part of the instalment. Erm… guess I have to put warnings on this thing. Erm… has graphic (although not that graphic, this is me were talking about) sex between two guys. So if that kind of thing upsets you… I have to wonder what you’re doing here in the first place ^^ anyways… Riiiiiiiiiight ok then, this is Cursed’s attempt to please the muse so just maybe she could get back to working on the actual story, eh Makoto?


Tansear hummed gently and snuggled closer into the mattress. His whole body ached pleasantly and the breeze from the open window was quickly cooling his overheated skin. Tansear turned over, curling himself into his protective ball as he usually did before sleeping. Purple eyes watched him, concern alight in them. Makoto reached out to stroke a hand down his arm.

“’S all right, no one here to hurt you Tan. Promise.” The muse’s hand delved lower, sliding over his back as Makoto moved closer to him. “Come on baby, please, for me?” Tansear blinked and uncured slowly, stretching out beside the muse. Makoto smiled at him and the daemon felt something tightening in his chest. Wiggling and pulling at Tansear, the muse moved them until the daemons head rested on his chest. Tansear sat awkwardly at first, unused to such contact, before Makoto’s drifting hands calmed him and he pooled around his lover. The scents rising from the muses skin where a heady combination of sweat, lust and himself. It was strangely calming.

Makoto’s hand had found the small of his back and to Tansear’s great pleasure it was lingering there, stroking and scratching. Rough purring broke from the daemon and his own hands decided, of their own accord it seemed, to return the favour. Makoto’s breathy moans filled the air as Tansear tickled softly at his ribs, slid his hands down the muse’s hips.

“Ah… no don’t. I wanna sleep Tan.” Makoto whimpered, the daemon sighed and pulled away. He slid of the end of the bed reaching for his clothes before Makoto stopped him.
“What cha doing?” The muse had slid across the bed, so he could wrap his arms around Tansear’s shoulders. He frowned slightly, reaching out to capture the daemons hand as it went for his trousers again. Humming gently the muse nipped at his neck, rubbing his face against Tansear’s. The daemon stiffened in his embrace and Makoto’s sigh drifted past his ear.
“I thought you wanted me to go?” He sneered, shoulders hunched. The muse huffed in annoyance and slumped back on the bed.
“I never said that daemon. Now get back up here, you’re mine now.”
“Yours?” Tansear raised one eyebrow disdainfully.
“Aye, my lover.”
“Lover?” His voice had rose to a squeak. Makoto’s arms were back around his shoulder, tongue lapping gently at his throat before he replied.
“I thought I just said that. Please Tansear, my Tansear. Come back to bed.” The daemon turned to him, still slightly surprised, and Makoto leaned forward to capture his mouth. Tansear moaned and the kiss deepened as Makoto slipped his tongue into the daemon’s mouth. His tongue was being caressed powerfully, lovingly, indecently and Tansear growled, hands tangling in the muse’s hair. Makoto broke the kiss, pulling back to gasp for air. He smiled at the daemon gently, patting the mattress until Tansear crawled up beside him.

“Now what?” he asked as he slid over to the muse. Makoto smiled at him.
“Now we go to sleep. I’m shattered daemon.”
“And… you don’t want me to leave?”
“No, I don’t want you to leave.” Makoto sighed and pulled them back into their earlier position. “I never classed you as a love ‘em and leave ‘em guy.”
“I’m not.” Tansear’s voice was tinged with affront.
“Yeah… sure.” Something it would of paid the muse to notice. Tansear sat up suddenly, eyes flashing red. When he spoke his voice was a hurt hiss.

“I’ve only done this once before muse, and in case you didn’t notice last time wasn’t exactly a good thing!” a sob was building in his throat and Tansear bit down onto his bottom lip in an attempt to stop it. Makoto sat up beside him and pulled him down into a hug. The daemon sat trembling against him as the muse’s hands stroked across his back. Suddenly it was all too much and a dry sob broke from his throat. Tansear bit down into the pad of his thumb in an attempt to quell his cries.

“It’s all right baby, no one here but me. Safe to cry, safe to hurt, no one to see. Just me lover, just me. It’s not gonna be like that, I promise. You’ll like this; I won’t let anyone hurt you. ‘S only gonna be good… I love you.” The muse slid his hand down Tansear’s belly, pausing to tug gently on the feathering of dark brown hair warningly. He squeezed gently, arousing the daemon expertly and it didn’t take long for Tansear’s sobs and moans to have changed context entirely.

Makoto pulled the daemon against him and Tansear moaned in approval, thrusting up against the muse’s hip. He whimpered gently and Makoto caught up his head, kissing the daemon passionately, tongues dulling. Tansear pressed close to the muse and Makoto reached between them to stroke his length. The muse held him tight, pressing against him as he drew the daemons pleasure from him. Time slowed, dragging the moment out fitfully and Tansear hissed at the feelings flowing through him. Another whimper broke from him and the daemon thrust into Makoto’s hand once more before coming, shuddering against his lover.

The muse held him close until he came back, and Tansear lay against his belly, panting harshly.
“Better?” Makoto asked, hands working their way through his hair. Tansear nodded against his lover and the muse laughed, pulling the daemon higher up and curling around him. “How about we sleep then?”
“Are you-”
“I’m fine daemon; now please go to fucking sleep!”

Tansear giggled at the reply and shifting closer to his lover, he fell into a deep, dreamless sleep. The first he’d had in millenniums.


He woke to one of Makoto’s kisses and the daemon stretched into it happily. He’d never felt so cared for, so loved in all his life… loved? Tansear pulled away, frowning slightly. His lover blinked at him in confusion.

“What’s wrong?” The muse asked, reaching out gingerly to stroke Tansear’s hair. The daemon caught his hand, placing a kiss on its palm, causing a trill of happiness to flash into awareness through their connection.

“Did… did you mean what you said last night?” His voice was small as he asked and Makoto arched an eyebrow.
“Err… I said a lot of things last night, just which one would you be talking about?”
“The one where you said you loved me…”
“Ah…” Makoto shifted until he was inches away from the daemon. “Now silly, of course I meant that, I mean it with all my heart. I don’t think I realized fully just how much I did before… in fact I don’t just love you… I, I think you just might be Hearhten to me.”

Tansear’s head shot up at that and he stared into Makoto’s eyes in shock. The daemons grasp of other cultures wasn’t great. Delaren had tried to teach him, but it just wouldn’t stick. This though he knew, Hearhten… literally translated down to ‘one true’ from the speech of the Karus. It was pretty much the greatest declaration of love you could get, especially from a Karu. To declare Hearhten was like pledging your soul entirely. Tansear gulped. Makoto’s face was flushed and the muse went to move away.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that… just forget it.”
“No.” the daemon caught his hand and dragged the muse bodily back to him. “I won’t.” He whispered into Makoto’s ear before crushing his lips down on his. The muse moaned, lips opening as his tongue darted out to play.

Tansear purred and pushed the muse down on the bed, tongue working its way down the muse’s body. It really was quiet amazing, stroked one way his skin felt like velvet over steel, the other and it was like brushing up against something small and fuzzy and warm… kinda like a peach. He’d always thought the muse had no fur, but apparently he did, it was just too short to tell. Did explain the lack of hair anywhere other then his head though, and the thought of short fur was a lot more passable then Makoto shaving down there. Tansear giggled at that and Makoto opened one lust dazed eyes.

“What are you giggling at?”
“Nothing.” The muse arched an eyebrow. “You fur’s ticklish is all.” Makoto burst into giggles at that and, blushing slightly, Tansear leaned forward to kiss him into shutting up. The muse moaned and then complied, his legs winding around Tansear’s hips. The daemon arched and gasped in surprise as Makoto thrust his erection against him.

“Please Tansear.” At the sound of his lover’s voice the daemon snarled and, lifting the muse up, he thrust into him. No preparation was needed as Makoto’s body adapted itself to its master’s wishes. Tansear moaned at the tightness gripping him, his teeth raking the muse’s neck. Passion and the mating instinct taking over he drew back and then trust in again. Makoto whimpered and dug his fingernails into Tansear’s back, his head thrown back. The daemon reached between them to stroke his loves erection and Makoto let out a snarl as he came. Tansear gasped and followed him into heaven.

Makoto lay limp against him and he sighed happily, reaching out to run his hand through the silk of Makoto’s hair. One purple eye cracked open to gaze at him lovingly.
“You know, we ought to get up… Oreo might be worried.”
“With the amount of noise you made, I some how doubt that.” Tansear smiled and tweaked the muse’s nose as Makoto blushed. “I love you too, you know.”
“Yeah, I know.” Makoto purred gently and curled into him, his tongue darting out to lap at the semen covering them. “Maybe we should get up, and have a wash before we stick together.”
“Hold on, I thought we were sticking together.”
“Ah!” Makoto reached out to tweak his ear at the bad joke and then stood up and sashayed towards the bathroom. “You coming daemon? Showers big enough for two…”