Strange Horisons

Second part of the drama, it helps if you have read ‘Black Magic’ before this, it might just make a tad more sense that way. Um… this ones a Songfic and the lyrics are from the song ‘The Bluebird’ by David Sneddon. Um… does contain some scenes of extreme ‘sick violence’ and shounen-ai themes. So if you don’t like those things then don’t read… and I wouldn’t advise you read this one whilst eating anything ^^

Listen to your heart and not your head
I know that this is what the wise man said
Maybe he's wrong...
And all this talk of yet another war
Contradicts just what the heart is for
Just what is it for??
'Cause everybody lies
Everybody cries in the end...

“Damnit daemon! Will you wait up!” The constant growl Tansear had been making since he first head of his assignment, had lowered in pitch until even his highly tuned ears could no longer hear it. He could feel Makoto behind him and it was setting his teeth on edge. Tansear didn’t even bother to turn, he could tell what the muse was doing simply through the sounds he was making and the damn bond he shared with him. Tansear’s fists tightened when he thought of Delaren’s mocking grin as he told the daemon that it would ‘build up your patience.’ Anger burned through the daemon.

“What are you doing Tan?” Makoto’s hand came to rest on his shoulder. The daemon stiffened, his eyes flashing red and with out thinking he spun around, his fist slamming into Makoto’s jaw. The muse stumbled backwards, his hand shooting up to his face in surprise, as if to prove the act.

“Wha…?” Makoto’s eyes hardened, turning stony, a far cry from the warmth of the pure amethyst eyes he’d had a moment ago. He wiped the blood from his mouth indignantly with the back of his hand. Eyes dark with anger the muse mouthed one word before turning on his heel and storming away.

Tansear cried out harshly as a white hot pain slammed into his head. The daemon collapsed to the ground and lay there shuddering as his ‘masters’ disapproval washed over him. Then it stopped as suddenly as it had started. For a moment Tansear sneered in contempt at Makoto’s weakness before fear and pain made itself clear through their link. The daemon was up and running before he even realised what he was sensing.

His paws scrambled in the snowy ground, sending up plume after plume of snow dust. He skidded to a halt, in shock at the sight that met his eyes.

A man stood over the muse, his sword raised above his head; Makoto was down on all fours, slowly, ever so slowly getting up. The daemon baulked at that, it took a lot to make the normal agile muse move so clumsily. The man’s head snapped towards him, a cruel smile twisting his features he brought the flat of his blade down on the muses back. Something cracked loudly in the cold air and with a cry Makoto fell to the ground. A flash of deep pain washed over their connection before the muse blacked out.

But I'm like the bluebird in the sky
Ya can't drag me down 'cause I'm so high!
And you know it's easy if you try
You can let the bluebird fly so high...

Tansear roared in anger and surged forward, his shoulder slamming into the man’s gut. The human cried out and raised his blade enough to drag it across Tansear’s ribs. The daemon snarled and lashed out with a paw, knocking the man to the ground. The human’s sword skidded away in the snow and Tansear leapt, his jaws closing on the man’s throat. He could feel the man’s pulse against his tongue, could taste his fear. Purring harshly at the ‘gift,’ Tansear crushed his jaws closed, dragging his head back. The daemon moaned as thick, rich blood splashed into his mouth. He shivered and leaned forward to lap at it. A growl rose from him and Tansear snarled in dissatisfaction. It wasn’t what he wanted, what he needed… he could feel… he needed to. With a cry of disbelief at what he was doing, the daemon thrust his muzzle through the man’s rib cage. The human’s dying screams echoing pleasantly in his ears, Tansear bit down into the still beating heart. He could feel it pulsing against his tongue, taste the sweet blood as it filled his mouth. Tansear sighed in pleasure and crushed the man’s heart between his tongue and the roof of his mouth.

All sense of restraint gone, the daemon gorged himself full on the human. Finally sated, he backed off, tongue working on the blood coating his muzzle. Tansear padded over to the muse and nuzzled at his back in amusement, their earlier tiff quiet forgotten by his instinct dazed brain, come to think of it now that he was happily full… the daemon gave a happy growl and nuzzled his back again. Makoto didn’t react and worried Tansear bit into Makoto’s tail gently. No reaction. Panicking slightly the daemon nuzzled against Makoto’s neck.

“What the?” The muse blinked up at him fuzzily. Shifting back to his human form, Tansear sat their laughing, only partly from amusement. Makoto pouted back up at him, tongue darting out. “Oh hush why don’t you?”
“Heh… sorry. Come on muse boy, ‘s time to go.”
“Your awfully happy for a daemon who’s been sulking all day.” Tansear just grinned down at him, letting the ‘sulking’ comment pass. Grumbling slightly to himself Makoto pushed himself up, only to fall back into the snow.

Tansear burst into laughter again, only to have it die as Makoto’s face paled.
“Tansear?” The muse’s voice was small and frightened. Worry creeping into him, Tansear dropped back down onto his knees beside him.
“What is it?”
“Tan… I can’t move my legs.” Makoto had started to shake badly and Tansear crawled closer in an effort to calm him.
“Shit…” The daemon pulled a knife from his waist, holding it carefully he pushed the tip into Makoto’s calf. “You feel that?”

“Feel what?” The muse was panicking and Tansear shushed him gently. He repeated the move higher up. Still no response. It wasn’t until he’d got to a point just above Makoto’s tail that the muse felt the prick. The daemon almost sobbed in relief.
“Don’t move ok?” Careful not to jolt Makoto he placed both of his hands, palm down on the muse’s back. Tansear reached inside himself and drawing out his power inched his way into Makoto’s body. The damage was bad, but not unfixable, it was far too much work for him but Tansear knew of healers who could deal with this. The daemon sent his power in, to protect and cradle the snap in Makoto’s spine as best as it could. The daemon sat back on his haunches, one hand reaching out to stroke the muse’s hair reassuringly.
“Oh great, if you’re comforting me I must be in really big shit.”
“You snapped your spine.” Tansear never had been good at being subtle, the trait was a strong as always and Makoto gave a half sob, half moan.
“Fucking brilliant.”

Why are you waiting by the phone??!
It only ever rings when no-ones home!
So go outside
There is no reason to delay
Grab your hat. Go out. Do it today.
Go out and play
So listen to me now because if ya can't believe, be afraid
'Cause everybody lies
Everybody cries in the end...

Tansear grunted in surprise at just how little the muse actually weighed. The daemon was pretty sure that Malachi as a cub was heavier, and that was saying a lot considering just how hard it had been to get the kid to eat. Makoto whimpered slightly and Tansear’s heart near stopped in fear. The muse had buried his face in the daemons neck and patches of warm wet were making themselves apparent. Amazingly he didn’t take advantage of the situation by making any sharp comments; Tansear was just cold, not completely heartless.

The going was slow, carrying Makoto’s slight form and as if to spite them a snowstorm had blown up around them. The muse was huddled tight against him and Tansear kept catching himself on the middle of humming old nurse rhymes. Eventually though they got to where Tansear’s riding lion sat in the snow, curled up tight for warmth. The lioness raised her huge head from her paws and after stretching casually, she sauntered over to sniff at Makoto.

< What wrong wi de kitty? > Pautthern purred at him.
< He’s hurt, bad. Your gonna have to be real gentle with him Thern. >
< Pautthern’ll do its goad, you’sha see. >
< I know you will. > The lioness sunk gracefully to her knees, and ever so carefully

Tansear slid onto her broad back, the muse still cradled to his belly. Makoto murmured something against his neck as Pautthern stood back up and seeing as he didn’t repeat it, Tansear dismissed it.

Makoto fell into a fitful sleep before they got to the home portal, waking every now and again with a yelp or a cry to shudder until he fell back into sleep. It was starting to worry Tansear. The portal was already up and running when they got to it and the daemon smiled wearily.

On the other side the portal guard started at the sight of them. Tansear growled at him lightly and the guard backed off quickly. He turned the lioness, heading for Makoto’s house. They were there quickly and Tansear slid of the riding lion carefully. Oreo met them at the door. The tom cat gave a soft cry at the sight of the muse, and furry paws rose to cover his mouth.

“Go and get a healer Karu, there’s one on Marketsteet, name of Kernert.” Oreo nodded franticly and then shot off. Tansear sighed and walked into Makoto’s house. Unsure of where else to go, the daemon headed for the muse’s bedroom. Carefully, checking constantly on the state of Makoto’s back, Tansear lay him down on the bed. He sat down on the floor next to him, fingers intertwined with the muse’s.
“Please be ok…”

But I'm like the bluebird in the sky
Ya can't drag me down 'cause I'm so high!
And you know it's easy if you try
You can let the bluebird fly so high...

The healer entered a while later and Tansear blinked up a him in confusion for a moment before realizing who he was. The angel moved quickly to the muse’s side.
“What happened?”
“We were attacked-” The angel cut him off as he stepped back, casting a spell that lifted Makoto into the air, supporting and cradling him. The healer placed his hands against the muse’s belly and the scent of magic filled the air. Tansear shifted about, feeling useless and the angels bonded, a young daemoness shrugged at him. Tansear smiled back at her absentmindedly and she offered him one in return before escorting a frantic Oreo from the room.

Finally the angel pulled away, turning to Tansear quickly.
“The spells not finished yet but you don’t need me anymore and I really have to be somewhere, I’ve already fixed the break and put everything back in order. Now all you have to do is make sure you keep stimulating the nerve endings where he was paralysed, else they won’t work. Just keep rubbing until he wakes up.”
“But-” Before he could finish the angel was gone, in a flurry of white and feathers. Tansear cursed and reached out with a shaking hand to the muse’s calf. He probably deserved this, considering it was his fault. Besides he was only helping someone in need. With that thought in mind the daemon ran his hand over Makoto’s calf, gasping in surprise at the velvety softness of his skin.

Carefully working on the job at hand, Tansear let his mind wander and for some reason he found himself remembering the first time he met the muse. It was when he’d first joined the palace guards, he was out in the town during festival with Thoren tugging at his sleeve. He could still smell the spice cakes and warm wine scents. He never had been able to look at a spice cake in quite the same way after that. He’d stopped at a market stall to buy his brother a meat pie, and Thoren had been purring and rubbing against his thigh in happiness. The cub had decided a while back that today he was going to be a ‘mewmew’ and Tansear had just nodded and agreed I a way that said he really didn’t want to know. He had just handed the pie to Thoren when someone had tapped him on the shoulder. Turning round the daemon has come face to face with a young muse. He had only a moment to take in the pale blue skin, with darker jaguar markings, dark blue hair, purple eyes and hear the purred ‘hi’ before the muse kissed him. Tansear was pretty sure his heart had stopped as he stood, shocked, until the muse pulled away. Face red with embarrassment Tansear had grabbed hold of Thoren and scampered, hoping to all things that Makoto hadn’t seen the pain in his eyes.

So listen to me now because if ya can't believe be afraid
'Cause everybody lies
Everybody cries in the end...

Tansear sighed at the memory and brought his mind back to the present. Slightly disturbed he ran his hands across the muse’s lower body. Makoto moaned and opened his eyes, just as Tansear’s hand drifted its way up his thigh. The muse stiffened slightly.

“Erm… Tan?”
“Don’t even say it! I’m just finishing off the spell… in fact I’m done now.” Almost reluctantly Tansear pulled his hands from the muse’s flesh. Makoto sighed and sat up gingerly. A sob of relief broke from him as his legs did as they were bid. Giddy with happiness, the muse threw his hands around Tansear’s neck, half hanging from him. Hesitantly the daemon returned the hug.

“All back in working order then.” He murmured into Makoto’s hair. The muse pulled away, a mischievous spark lighting his eyes.
“Oh but I haven’t tested one bit, and I think you’ll be just perfect.” Makoto purred at him before pressing the daemon down onto the bed. “’Side’s you owe me.” Tansear groaned as the muses mouth crushed down on his. Makoto sighed and rubbed up against the daemon happily. A strained sound broke from Tansear.

“Eep… I’d say that’s working all right. I’ll be going now.” He dislodged the muse and sprang to his feet guiltily. Makoto’s voice stopped him as he headed for the door.
“Get back on the bed right now Tansear Rall.” It was his masters voice and, gulping, the daemon crawled back onto the bed. Makoto smiled and leaned into him. “So damn perfect… gods I love you.” The muse whispered into his ear as he nipped at the space between neck and shoulder gently. A soft squeak, muffled giggles and the sound of scampering paws told him that Oreo had walked in on them and Tansear tried to get out from under Makoto, embarrassed. The muse caught him easily and shoved him back onto the bed playfully.

“Ah-no!” the daemon whimpered as teeth grazed his chest… this was too close to before. Makoto paused and looked up into his eyes.
“Really no?” The daemon hesitated in his answer and Makoto smiled softly at him, before reaching down to kiss him gently. Tansear groaned and wrapped his arms around the muse. Soft sighs caught him as he was pulled closer and the daemon arched his back as Makoto ran a hand down his belly, and squeezed.

And I'm like the bluebird in the sky
Ya can't drag me down 'cause I'm so high!
And you know it's easy if you try
You can let the bluebird fly
You can let the bluebird fly
You can let the bluebird fly so high...

-END. (blame the muse, and gym class. Its all their faults ^.~ I gonna scarper now before Tan kills me.)