Silver Wishes

The latest part of Dark Duties and another smut fic. This ones a plot what plot? Story, and its here because my darling Café poked ^^ See ppl, poking will get you everywhere XD


Silence reigned, the soft silky glide of skin on skin the only sound to be heard other then the hitched gasps and breath moans. The muse moved back, gazing from under half lidded eyes at his beautiful darkling. The daemons head was thrown back, eyelashes dusting his cheeks as he thrashed from side to side. Strands of chocolate hair clinging to his sweat slicked skin, mouth slightly parted and the tip of his pink tongue just showing.

Makoto shivered with lust, leaning forward to claim the daemons lips as his own, his tongue darting into the cavern of his lover’s mouth, tasting, savouring his darkling.

“What you do to me…” Tansear’s voice was a soft wash of sound against his ears, dark and husky, sending a shiver of delight down his back. He ran his hands down the daemons back, exulting at the silky wet feel of it. With a grin of pure wickedness he darted down, his tongue tracing it’s way down his lover’s body. The tip spiralling its way down, tracing the feathering of dark curls, to stop, pause for breath and then take his darkling deep into his mouth.

A harsh cry broke from Tansear and the muse chuckled slightly at that, almost chocking. Hands curled into his hair, the tips of blunt nails digging into his scalp. Makoto shivered, dragging another moan from his love. This was what he lived for, the wild, abandoned sounds of his beautiful darkling as he writhed in his bed. His heart was souring, flying up high, high and safe.

Purple eyes glittering with mischief, he ran the pointed tip of his tongue across the underside of Tansear’s cock. Humming happily at the taste, and then grinning slightly, grazing his teeth over the sensitive skin.

He sat up with a breathless gasp, only to be grabbed by two, dark, slender hands and dragged close for a kiss. Deep, scorching and demanding. Then to his disappointment Tansear drew away, eyes dazed, lips swollen with the power of his kisses. A silent, perfect moment hung between them, and Makoto gazed lovingly at his darkling, his brown, lightly haired chest heaving beautifully.

Then Tansear settled back on the pillows, thrown thoughtfully against the headboard. The daemon looked delicious like that, head resting, peacefully, gracefully on a pillow, eyes dazed and shining with love. Hair caught on his face, pointed ears parting the fall of molten chocolate, lips still slightly parted as he panted. His chest was heaving, slower now but still notable, the dusty copper nipples were so tempting it took all of Makoto’s will power to wait for the necessary permission.

He’d learnt that rule fast, if you wanted you waited until you were given permission. Though the sinfully wicked look on his darling’s face suggested he wouldn’t have much longer to wait. The muse licked his lips shifting in place hungrily. A small, almost unsure smile played on the daemons lips and then with a soft, trusting sigh he let his legs fall apart, parting his thighs gracefully. A slight flush coloured his cheeks, lips glistening wet, as his tongue darted out to lap at them.

“Please muse, I… I want you so much it aches.” His eyes closed tightly in embarrassment and breath hitching he buried his face in a nearby pillow. Makoto crawled up to him, leaning down to drop a kiss on his daemons sweaty forehead.

“Not until your sure love, won’t risk that. Love you too much to make you…” A soft sigh broke from him. “Well you know.” He waved a hand vaguely in the air, still not sure enough on how his love felt about it to openly say he word. Dark eyes hardened for a second and then to his relief melted. Tansear grabbed his hand, bringing it to his mouth to sink, sharp teeth, gently into the palm of his hand.

“I am sure. So sure.” His nose wrinkled adorably for a second. “Besides I don’t think it counts as rape if I ask you.” He stated it so matter of fact, so playfully, that it took a second for what he said to sink in. Makoto blinked at him slowly and then with a playful glint in his eyes he moved closer, so his breath ghosted against the daemons lips.

“Na, that’d just be taking liberties.” He murmured and Tansear burst into giggles, which said something about his current state because even Makoto hadn’t thought it was funny. And then his darkling’s lips were pressing against his, thighs wrapping themselves around his hips.

“Please.” His vice was sultry, and Makoto gulped, hands scrabbling for the jar on hi night stand. It wasn’t there and reluctantly he dragged his eyes from Tansear’s to look franticly over at it. The table was empty; exasperated he tried to pull away, only to be caught by the daemon. Mischief sparkled in his eyes as he place the small jar in his hands.

“Just checking.” Then he dropped his head back on the pillows, eyes closed, breath coming in shallow pants as he waited. Makoto swallowed hard and then reached down between his darkling’s legs. He paused for a second and then with a deep breath, pressed one lubricated finger into the daemon. Tansear gasped, eyes shooting open as his back stiffened, sharp teeth biting into his lower lip, drawing out silver blood.

“Sorry, sorry.” Guilt flooded the muse’s chest and Tansear frowned, shaking his head violently even as he half whimpered, half groaned in reply. His body relaxed slowly and he half opened his eyes, a smile playing across his face as he growled playfully. Makoto whimpered slightly and then slid another finger in, stretching his darkling patiently.

The daemon whimpered, his powerful frame shivering, a sheen of sweat coating his skin. Brown eyes flashed red and Tansear grabbed a handful of the muse’s hair, jerking him down so they were face to face.

“Now Damnit!” He half growled and blinking Makoto complied, smiling at his darkling’s growl, as his fingers slipped out. He grabbed the daemons hips, lifting him and with the ease of practice pressed into him, sliding in smoothly and quickly. Tansear gasped, holding his breath and then slowly letting it out as he accustomed himself to the presence with in him. His head rolled back, a smile twitching the corner of his lips.

Makoto grinned to himself, and with a gentleness he didn’t usually apply to bedroom matters he thrust into his love, dragging a groan from the daemon. This was bliss, tight muscles gripping at him, his darkling writhing beneath him, blunt nails digging into the skin of his shoulders.

He moved gently, thrusting in until Tansear’s soft whimpers had raised so high, he had a feeling the whole street could hear them, hells they probably knew what they were doing at the palace.

Then the daemon was starting beneath him, his back snapping strait, curving, head thrown back as the tendons in his neck stood out in relief. Warm, white spurted against the muse’s belly and he shivered as the flesh around him tightened, caressing him into his own orgasm. Makoto snarled as he came, lips drawing back in a feral snarl. Beneath him Tansear shivered in the aftershock and then the muse slumped across him, purple eyes, warm and light as the fluttered. The daemon smiled, shifting Makoto enough for him to drop an exhausted kiss on sweaty blue skin.

“I love you muse. I so do.”