A short story I did for Alty (Alt) while she was away in Italy. It started off as a demented dream and grew. It was, I admit, interesting to write. Very interesting. Yes well, its got Malachi and Tansear in it, no Daz though >.o

Alt smiled in the sunshine, she’d stretched herself out, pooling into the deck chair like a cat on warm marble. The Italian sun was beautifully warm and Alt could feel it undoing the knots that had gathered in her muscles.

With nothing else to do but lie in the sun and she’d been doing that all day all ready. Alt shifted the deck chair into a sitting position. The beach was surprisingly quiet, only a few holiday makers dotting the distant sea shore. So there was no one to watch her as she flipped on the laptop, sitting on the table before her. As it loaded, Alt pushed open the sun umbrella above her. She didn’t want to burn and it was nice to have a break from the sun and cool down a bit.

The laptop whirled into life and Alt clicked open an internet browser, fingers skittered across the keyboard as she logged into her e-mail. Two new, one junk asking if she’d like to subscribe for life insurance that she promptly deleted, the other marked with ‘Kirsty Martin.’ Alt grinned and opened the e-mail, reading the script that appeared as the page loaded.
‘ Hiya Alty-chan.

Hope you’re having a great time in Italy. Find any boinkable boys yet? Heh… well I miss you, hope to see you soon. Wuv you and many huggles!


Alt smiled slightly and re-read the message, she was about to click on reply when something caught her eye. Kirsty had sent an attachment as well. Alt opened it, clicking on download with out bothering to read the warning that flashed onto the screen.

Suddenly the laptop in front of her began to shake and buzz in a high pitch. Alt started and stumbled back from the table, hands clamped to her ears. From the town behind her the noise of dogs barking rumbled into existence. Alt gasped and closed her eyes tight as the laptop gave one last final jerk and tumbled from the table to shatter on the ground with a flash of pure white.

Alt groaned, her dad was going to kill her. Reluctantly, almost as if not looking would mean it had not happened she dragged her eyes open. The laptop lay at her feet, intact without even a single scratch marring its black surface. Even the delicate plasma screen was whole and working.

Alt starred at it for a while, before picking it up and placing it back on the table. The heat must be getting to her, she could of sworn the laptop had broken. On the screen the pop up flashed it’s message at her. ‘Download complete.’ Alt shrugged and sat down again.

From under the table someone groaned and Alt shot back, eyes wide. She crouched down to peak under the table. A man sat sprawled on the sandy tiled, his hands clutching at his head. His hair was black, like the clothes he wore. His eyes were screwed shut tightly.
“Hello?” the man’s head shot up at her question, blue eyes widening at the sight of her. Still he did not reply. “Hi my names Alt, what’s yours?” She tried again. Blue eyes regarded her, head cocked slightly.
“Malachi, Malachi Kish.”

Alt frowned, that couldn’t be right, “You sure?” The man frowned at her, and then snorted as if disbelieving her.
“Very sure mortal. And I might ask you what I am doing here.” Alt’s frown grew at that, how on earth…
“What do you mean…by calling me a mortal?”
“You are mortal; I am Daemon that is how it is. No more, no less. Now why did you call me here?” He replied, his blue eyes darkening slightly with anger. Alt stiffened and met his gaze in challenge.
“Now look here! I didn’t call you here; all I did was download a file Kirsty sent to me, and then pouf you were here hiding under my table… if I wasn’t wearing pants I’d think you were trying to look up my skirt!”

Now it was the mans turn to stiffen and strangely to flush just a tiny bit.
“Mortal I was not trying to look up… did you say Kirsty? As in Kirsty Martin?” His eyes widened and Malachi… if that was his name… sat up quickly.
“Eh… oh what… yeah that would be her. Why you know her?” When she though about it, it wasn’t that unlikely that this was some elaborate plot Kirsty had cooked up, probably with the help of Jisu or Wallace.
“Yes I know her… she created me, how do you know her name?” The man asked, Alt stared at him, jaw hanging until she remembered he’d asked a question.
“She’s a friend of mine… hold on a sec, you mean to tell me that you’re that Malachi, the one form her story?” he nodded. “Not funny, see cause you can’t be him despite how much you look like him, cause Malachi’s just a fictional character. Not a real flesh and blood person.” She grinned triumphantly, she’d got him there. But the man only shook his head.
“But I am real, and I am Daemon Malachi Kish!” He looked up at her blue eyes slightly troubled, when Alt just snorted and shook her head, he surged to his feet. “Fine, you don’t believe me then I’ll show you!”

Hands grabbed her head, pulling sharply so her forehead cracked against his. Blood red eyes burned into hers and Alt cried out, screwing hers shut as images tumbled into her mind, playing out on her eyelids.
Warmth and security and a dull throb of heart beat near to hers. Eyes fluttered open and were greeted to the sight of a faint, almost leathery wall, made even hazier by the slightly opaque liquid separating her from it. Faint light shone through the wall and as she watched it split slightly, a lattice work of tiny hairline cracks…
A rough tongue on her fur and Alt mewled slightly as it rubbed her fur the wrong way. Eyes opened and a muzzle came into her view. A long pointed muzzle, calm silver eyes gazing down at her as a rough pink tongue washed her. A smile grew in the beasts eyes and cat ears rose happily to stand out from the mane of brown fur…
A man paced before her, silver eyed, white haired and holding a tiny cub in his arms. Feeding it from a bottle as he walked. Alt mewled and the man turned his gaze on her, smiling at her impatience…
Darkness and a warm form next to her. The moon light from the window lit the girls form and Alt took her in; long black hair, pale skin and blue eyes that fluttered open at her stirring…
The man again this time sitting, sprawled on a large chair. A finger cocked and beckoned her forward. Alt crawled towards him, jumping into his lap with a breathless laugh. The man smiled and reached up to kiss her…
The soft beating of a heart in front of her, Alt grinned, so close. The heart beat sped up, followed quickly by the sounds of soft footfalls on stone and the rustling of wings. Her prey ran and Alt dropped to all fours to follow him. A sharp crash and the angel collapsed to the floor…
The angel again, this time breaking off a kiss and handing her a mug of something thick and red, blood. Alt smiled at him, watching the sway of hips as she took a sip…

Alt retched dryly in the grass, face pale. She could still taste the blood on her tongue. A hand rubbed her back, comforting her uneasily. Alt opened her eyes and gazed at the daemon.
“Ok, I believe you.” She whispered eyes wide. Malachi nodded wisely and looked around at the beach and distant hotels.
“If Cursed sent me, then there’s probably reason… but, just where are we human?”


Alt stuck her head into the hotel room, checking the room quickly before dragging Malachi bodily into the room behind her. The daemon started growling again and Alt clamped a hand over his mouth. Blue eyes burned across at her.
“Shhh! You trying to get us caught?” She hissed, very much aware of the busy bodies in the next room, who probably spent their time with a glass against the wall, ready to report anything strange.
“Caught?” The daemon raised an eyebrow in comment but he’d kept his voice low so Alt let it pass.
“Yeah caught, this is my parents room as well and I’m not exactly meant to bring boys in.” She replied, digging through the wardrobe and pulling out a pair of pants and old t-shirt of her dads. “Here put it on.” The daemon caught the clothes she tossed to him.
“You have got to be kidding. What’s wrong with my clothes?”

Alt turned to him eyebrows raised. The daemon wore black silk, cut so that it hugged in all the right places. Both pants and shirt were laced up and very old fashioned.
“Were going for inconspicuous here right? Well with you dressed like you’ve walked out of a 15th century movie, that’s not going to be inconspicuous at all. Now put the clothes on and shut up!”
Malachi’s back stiffened and his eyes flashed red, almost as quickly it died down again.
“Fine human, can I at least have a shower? I’m not that fond of sand.” Alt blinked and nodded, watching curiously as the daemon padded into the bathroom. He unlaced his shirt, letting it drop to the floor. Alt gave a soft ‘meep’ and his head jerked towards her. He scowled and grinned at her at the same time, firmly closing the bathroom door. Alt huffed and slumped back on the nearest bed. (Cursed~ ::evil grin::)

Ok so let’s see, I get an e-mail from Kirsty, nothing different or unusual except the attachment that is… I wonder what that was. The door to the hotel room banged open and Alt groaned inwardly as her mother walked into the room.
“Suzanne (Cursed~ I’m guessing here that she actually calls you that.) there you are. You’re Dad and I have been looking for you and… who’s in the bathroom?” The spray of water was now quiet loud and for a couple of seconds Alt’s mind went blank leaving her to stare, open mouthed at her mother.
“Oh no one. I was just running a bath, I’m covered in sand.”
“Well don’t let it over fill.”
“I won’t, in fact I’m just going to go check on it now.” Alt said, rushing over to the bathroom door, hopefully Malachi wouldn’t of locked it. Her mother nodded and turned to leave after grabbing her purse.
“Oh Suzanne when you’re done, come down to the restaurant for lunch.” Alt nodded and slipped into the bathroom, keeping the door as little open as she could just in case.

Alt sighed in relief and leaned against the cool tiles of the wall. That was way too close.
“What the hell do you think you’re doing human!” Alt winced as hands grabbed her shoulders and spun her around. Malachi glared at her, eyes red with anger. Alt grinned up at him sheepishly.
“Erm… well you see Mum walked in and she wanted to know who’s in the bathroom so I said it was just me running a bath cause if she found out that I had a boy in our room she’d kill me so I came in here so she wouldn’t know and I’m ever so sorry-”
“Breath human!” The daemon ordered, cutting her off. Alt did so, rather quickly.
“Um… do you think maybe you could get some clothes on? If my mother or anyone else walked in right now… well.”

Malachi blinked and looked down. Blushing hotly he yelped and shifted form. Alt watched in amazement as, limbs thickened and pulled them selves into different shapes. Coarse brown hair flowed across his body, staining his hair the same colour. A long lion like tail curved from the end of his spine. The daemon almost resembled a mix between one of the big cats and a wolf. His fur was shaggy and thick, growing out long around his neck like a mane. His eyes were blue tinted amber. The claws were hidden like a cats, between the toes of large paws. Pretty nifty to say the least.
< This better? > Alt started as the voice floated into her head. That was new…
“Yeah much better… actually it’s the perfect disguise.” She grinned and reached out to pet the daemons head. He growled and Alt drew back her hand quickly. “Right… ok then. They don’t allow pets-” A sharp look and Alt faltered. “Er… animals in this hotel, so you’re gonna have to change back until we get outside… um… I’ll go sit on the bed shall I?”
< Yes. >
“Right… yeah.” Alt murmured and the dashed from the room. A soft huff of laughter followed her out of the bathroom. Alt glared at the door for a while then flopped back onto the bed.

A while later the door cracked open a bit and Malachi stepped into the room. Her dad’s T-shirt and jeans were baggy on his slim frame, but it worked. Alt nodded wisely and her nerves finally getting the better of her she grabbed the daemons hand and dragged him from the room. Voice’s floated from the corridor behind them and Alt squeaked and broke into a run. After a hesitant pause Malachi followed her lead.

Outside the hotel it was quiet, lunchtime as well as the almost unbearable heat had driven most sane folk inside. Alt was the last person to call herself sane and Malachi wasn’t exactly human so he didn’t count. Still it was extremely hot and Alt had to keep fanning herself with her t-shirt. The daemon panted as he walked beside her and to Alts annoyance that seemed to be all it took for him to stay cool.

“Look, lets duck into this alley whilst no ones watching and you can change, or shift or whatever it was.” Alt said irritated. The daemon blinked at her for a second the shrugging stepped into the relatively coolness of the shade. Alt groaned in relief and leaned against the wall, eyes closed. She opened them at the touch of a cool nose to her wrist.

Malachi stood before her on all fours, mane swaying gently in the slight sea breeze. He was panting again, large pink tongue escaping his mouth. Alt smiled at the sight, the daemon may look strange but with his tongue like that anyone would think he was a dog. Granted a very large dog but a dog none the less… or maybe a wolf… but they were just large dogs anyway, weren’t they? Malachi turned and padded out of the alleyway, Alt followed cursing the heat.

< If you think its bad for you, try and imagine walking around with the equivalent of a large fur coat on and then you can complain. > Malachi growled back at her.
“You know, I think I just might pass on that one.” Alt grinned down at the daemon and he huffed in reply.

“Er… well…”
< You don’t know do you? >
“Um… no. I haven’t actually thought past getting out of the hotel yet…” The daemon growled and gave his head a small shake, and a faint ‘why me?’ fluttered into her mind.


Alt stepped out of the shop, the bottles of soda clenched in her hands, sighing at the loss of the shops AC. She froze and double checked the street, nope still no sign of the daemon. Alt sighed and set back to the hotel, ok so the daemon had ditched her it didn’t matter, wasn’t like she was worried about the damn dog or anything.

She paused on the pavement to let the traffic stop, a lull appeared and Alt stepped onto the road. Only to spring back as the van zoomed past. She landed on the pavement painfully; Alt shook her head and then sprang to her feet and shook her fist at the back of the van cursing the driver in every language she knew.
“You fucking idiot, why don’t you watch where you’re driving!” She yelled. The van screeched to a halt and a young man got out. He stormed over to her, shoved his face inches from Alts own and roared down at her.
“What you call me?”

Alt gulped and then smiled disarmingly at him, took a deep breath and prattled on in Dutch at the man, throwing in the odd word of Korean just as a failsafe. The driver stared at her, then nodded slowly and ran for it. Alt smiled, worked a charm every time. As the van drove of she caught the name printed in peeling letters on the side. The blood didn’t just run, it fled her face in full out panic. Surely the daemon couldn’t be that careless… could he? Alt sighed and started after the dog catchers van.

Here we see our heroine, her hair spreading out in the wind as she runs valiantly after the speeding van. Eyes watering as her clogs (Cursed ~ I’m sorry couldn’t resist… blame Koto^^) slammed clip-clop down on the pavement.
And here we see our author, wondering why the fuck she’s gone into Batman story mode. Thinking she’s going to have to have one of those little ‘talks’ with Makoto again.
Back with our heroine as she skids to a halt in front of the dog pound and watches helpless (or so it seems) as the daemon is dragged snarling into the building.
And back again to watch as our author stabs the steak fork in her arm again in an attempt to please the blood crazed muses once more. Stay and see the perplexed Makoto, take the fork from her hand and escort her from the room.

(Cursed ~ Ok all done with the stupidity now, Koto’s giving me these real strange looks and I’m all spent up from doing that. I’m gonna have to go write some normal pros for a while. Think I’ll go see to ‘Of Angels and Daemons’ for a while. >.o)

Alt chanced a look round the corner and into the dimly lit room. Cage’s lined the walls, stuffed with the furry forms of cats and dogs. (Cursed ~ ::Thinks about the film:: ::grins::) She slid into the room shutting the heavy door behind her. They’d stuffed Malachi into the last cage and the daemon sat in the corner glowering. It wasn’t surprising that the animal with cages next to his has hidden themselves as best they could. Alt smiled slightly and sitting down on the floor next to the cage she set about breaking into his cage.

Malachi watched her curiously for a while before standing up and strolling to the front of the cage. He stood there quietly for a while.
< You know, it’d be a lot quicker if you twisted the other way and pushed down. > He offered. Alt looked at him for a second then did as the daemon suggested. Annoyingly the cage clicked open almost instantly. Malachi gave her one of his ‘down the nose’ grins and brushed past her. Alt was starting to wish shed left him in the cage.

Muttering under her breath she followed him to the door. Alt pushed against it and then frowned, stepping back. It wouldn’t budge. Alt turned to the daemon and grinned sheepishly.
< What? >
“The door’s locked.” She murmured, embarrassed as her forefinger drew circles on her palm. The daemon sighed softly and pushed her aside with one paw. Malachi set his shoulder against the door, planted his paws firmly and shoved. The muscled in his back stood out clearly even under the layer of thick fur. The doors hinges whined warningly and then with a screech gave under the pressure. Before the door had even met the floor the daemon was vaulting over it and starting down the corridor. Alt hurried to follow him.

Voices and running feet could be heard heading for them and Alt shot into an open door dragging the daemon with her. The room was dark and the two piled in under a table, hidden behind a chest of drawers.
“Check on the you-know-what, I’ll check the hall.”
“Right.” The room flooded with light and Alt huddled closer against the daemon. Footsteps worked their way through the room, paused and then the soft rustle of fabric being moved could be heard.
“There you are, beauty. You’re gonna make us rich men you are.” Something growled in reply, then the sharp sound of a boot hitting flesh could be heard. The animal whimpered and the mans footsteps padded out the room and into the hall, switching the light off behind him.

Alt stayed pressed against Malachi, shaking slightly until a soft huff of breath made her turn her head. The daemons eyes glowed slightly in the dark, reflecting what tiny bit of light there was, like a cats. Malachi’s head cocked slightly and he blinked at her.
< Not scared of the dark are we mortal? > Amusement tinged the voice in his head.
“Not the dark I’m scared of.”
< Humm… > The daemon stood up. < Go close the door, and then turn on the lights. I need to check something. >
“Jeze, what your last slave die of?” Alt muttered, heading for the door hesitantly.
< Me actually. >

Alt shuddered and then reaching the door, shut it quietly. She rooted around in the dark for a while until her hand connected with the light switch. She flipped it and the room lit up. Malachi was stood with his muzzle against the bars of a cage. On the other side another daemon, stood facing him. The daemon was slightly larger then Malachi, and his fur was more of a sable colour. One of his paws was heavily bandaged, and his mane had grown long so that it flopped over his forehead, hiding the daemons eyes.
< Ah. I think we may of just found why I am here. >
“What do you mean?” At the sound of her voice the second daemon’s head shot to face her. Its ears rose to full attention, as it lifted it muzzle the daemons mane fell back, exposing milky white eyes. Scars and open wounds cut through the fur surrounding them as the daemon gazed at her sightlessly.

A soft whimper broke from Malachi and the daemons head once again shot around at the sound. It’s breathing quickened and the daemon hunched down against the cold concrete of the floor. Little whimpers and mewls broke from its throat as it shook. Malachi’s jaws snapped closed on the lock holding the cage closed, ripping it off. It dropped to the floor and then Malachi was slamming his shoulder against the door until it swung inwards, the bolts twisted. The daemon shielded away from him at first but Malachi moved next to it, butting the daemons face with his own. Tongue darting out to lap at the wounds. The daemon lay down and Malachi followed it, still nursing the cuts, calming the daemon.

Alt stood in the centre of the room, scared of interrupting something important and getting her throat ripped out. The other daemons head turned to her every now and again. Then Malachi was standing, carefully pulling the other daemon with him.
< We need to get him out of here. >
“How? There probably still looking for us and well…” She faltered off at the look she was given. Malachi’s ears were flat against his scull, teeth bared slightly in the start of a snarl; his eyes shone blood red full of anger. It wasn’t directed at her though and Alt was glad of that. His gaze seemed to soften.
< Don’t worry about it mortal. I need you to get Tansear out of here; I’ll keep the guards busy. Get him back to that hotel of yours. All right? > Alt nodded, still reeling from the Tansear comment.
< Mals? What’s going on? > Tansear’s voice was deeper, more harsh then Malachi’s and the slight ring of fear didn’t suite it at all.

Malachi was silent as they moved into the corridor. It was slow going, Tansear’s movements were hesitant and he froze at the slightest sound. Alt had to wonder what they must have done to make him act so. By the look of it Malachi’s thoughts were following the same path as his face was getting darker and darker every second. His head shot up at a slight sound and Malachi growled.
< Hold on to Tan and get him out of here. >

And then he was gone faster then Alt could follow. Leaving a trail of claw marks on the concrete floor of the corridor. Alt stood for a while collecting her bearings and then placed her hand on the ruff of Tansear’s neck. The daemon started beneath her hand and his head shot around to sniff at her wrist. Alt froze letting him get used to her and then started forward, tugging at his fur gently. Tansear moved slowly at first and then as he got more used to her help he became faster.

Finally the reached the door and Alt pushed it open, holding it until the daemon had padded outside. She followed blinking in the sudden sunlight. There was a crash and a shout from inside and Alt started in fright. She yelped and broke into a run, Tansear ears high, following the sound of her footsteps ran with her. Alt didn’t slow down until she was outside the hotel. She was bent over at the waist, panting heavily and reflecting on the irony that not one of her gym teachers could get her to do sports yet one little crash could get her to sprint blocks.

Breathing back to normal, Alt set upon the problem of how to get Tansear into the hotel. It didn’t allow pets and she seriously doubted her mother would agree to let a strange man stay. She wasn’t even sure she wanted to be alone in the same room with the daemon… and to cap all she’d skipped lunch and was bloody hungry. Oh well, she’d risk it and bring him up to her room, if anyone was there she’d just have to say she was helping him find his room and had stopped off to get something.
“Do you think you can become human? They don’t allow animals in the hotel.” The daemon turned his head in the direction of her voice, and then nodded.
< Yes I think so. > The daemon began to shift and Alt found herself closing her eyes out of respect.

When she opened them a man stood shakily before her. His skin was the same colour as his fur, kind of like chocolate milk. His hair was slightly darker and if Alt remembered the description right his eyes, now opal white had been the same colour. He wore the same black clothes as Malachi had and a small frown marred his features. Alt reached out and placed her hand on his arm, Tansear’s mouth opened slightly, then closed a terse smile twisting his lips.

The journey up to the room took a lot longer then usual with Tansear to help. At opened the door to their room and helped him in. The daemon settled down knees crossed on one of the beds, he lent over until his head rested in his lap. With nothing else to do, Alt picked up the book she’d been reading. A trashy teen romance her dad had picked up at the airport. Father’s really did had no idea, but Alt was bored enough to read anything, even if it did have a sickly pink cover. (Cursed ~ I swear to the gods I’m not laughing… ::sniggers:: Oh and you’ve got Café to blame for the pink cover bit ^^)

Alt settled down on her bed, flipped through the page’s and started to read. The characters were being so damn stupid it was painful though and sighing she flipped it closed. Tansear still hadn’t moved and Alt had the sudden irrational fear that he might have died. The daemon lifted his head, sighed and then slid off the bed to sit on the floor.
“Why are you helping us? You must want something, humans never help unless they’re getting something in return. So what do you want?” Tansear had turned until he roughly faced her.
“I… what do you mean, I don’t want anything.”
“Everybody wants something, you must else why would you be helping Malachi?”
“I don’t want anything damn it! How could I? Malachi’s a bloody fictional character! He’s not real, you’re not real! I figure I’ve just been spending far too much time in sun and this is all some strange dream so I might as well bite!” Alt surged to her feet and stood over the daemon shaking with anger. Tansear didn’t move and suddenly she only felt ashamed.
“Yeah, you’ve bitten all right… but we are real, this is real. Believe me mortal I can tell, not even the worst nightmare can hurt this much.” He waved towards his eyes, a small smile on his face. “All I did was answer a bloody summoning; I answer them all the time, all daemons do. And look what it got me, I can’t see anymore and damnit it’s scaring me! I, Tansear Rall, one of the most feared daemons in existence am scared. And that’s scarier then the fact that I can’t see…” The daemon trailed off and he hung his head, small whimpers breaking from his throat. Alt was saved from trying to reply to that by a knock on the door.
b“Shit. Quick hide in the bathroom and try to be quiet.” She muttered, heading for the door.
“Um… human?” Tansear hadn’t moved and he was starting to look worried again. Alt cursed, grabbed his hand and propelled him into the bathroom with a soft “Sorry.”

Alt opened the door to her dad’s worried face.
“Oh there you are, you didn’t come down for lunch.”
“Yeah, I’m not feeling to great so I thought I’d have a nap.” Alt replied hoping her father would bye it. He did and nodding sympathetically told her to go back to bed.
“We’re going to go to a museum; we’ll be back by 7 all right?”
“Sure Dad, have fun.”

Alt sighed in relief as he left and headed for the bathroom to check on Tansear. No sooner was her hand on the door handle then another knock came. Grumbling to herself she padded back to the door, throwing it open to Malachi’s startled face.
“And hello to you to mortal.” He greeted her. Alt just glared, stomped over to the bathroom, threw open the door and threw Tansear out.
“You are going to sit on those beds and behave yourselves. You will not answer the phone, the door or do anything else. I am going to have a bath, and when I am done we’re going to have a long discussion about how we are going to get you two out of my hair for good. Is that understood?” The daemons nodded and peeved Alt stormed into the bathroom, slamming the door closed behind her.

The bath was relaxing and Alt left it very mellow and very pink. She emerged from the bathroom in a cloud of perfumed steam which made both daemons sneeze. Alt settled herself on her bed and lay back. Finally the soft shifting of the two men caught her attention and Alt opened her eyes, sitting up and smiling at them.
“Oh yes, we were going to have a little chat weren’t we?” The daemons nodded again, speechless. “Right. So has anyone any idea of how we’re getting you home?”
“Usually the daemon is sent home after he’s completed the task his summoners have set before him.” Tansear sighed. “Somehow I don’t think that’s relevant in this case.”
“What did they want with you anyway Tan?” Malachi asked, tapping his friends shoulder to catch his attention.
“Heh, wanted to sell me to some religious nut, said that I was proof there was a god… or proof there was a devil at least and there fore there must be a god… or something like that. I wasn’t paying much attention, kind of more obsessed with the state of my eyes at that moment…” The daemon trailed off.
“Don’t worry Tan; Delaren’ll fix ‘em up good as new.” Malachi reassured him.
“Another good reason to get you two home.”
“Actually I’ve been thinking about that, you said you got an e-mail from Kirsty-”
“- Kirsty?!”
“Hush Tan, it’s a long story and I’ll tell you later. Anyway, you said it had an attachment right?” (Cursed ~ I’m nit pcking here but does anyone else wonder how Malachi knows about e-mails?)
“Yeah, I downloaded the file, opened it and the laptop seemed to explode… only it didn’t and then you were there.”
“Right, see here’s the idea, why don’t we try opening the file again?”

Alt grinned and sprang off the bed, pulling her dads laptop from under it. She turned it on and waited impatiently for it to load. The two daemons settled one on either side of her and watched. Or at least Malachi did, Tansear just sat there looking confused, his fingers ghosting over the keyboard. Finally it loaded and Alt clicked open the internet. She logged into her hotmail, clicked on the message in question and opened the attachment.

The laptop began to hum and buzz to itself and Alt shuffled back uneasily. Malachi leaned in closer; eyes avidly watching as the download bar slowly filled itself. A flash of light and Alt fell back off the bed in surprise. Her head cracked against the floor sharply and she blacked out.

She came to on the soft carpet beside her bed, Alt scrambled to her knees, looking around for the daemons. The room was empty but for her and the laptop. The latter was flashing ‘download complete’ across its screen. Alt opened the document half expecting it to cause someone else to pop in to existence. It didn’t though, and after reading a few words Alt realised it was simply then next chapter from ‘Of Angels and Daemons.’ She shrugged and settled down on her stomach to read it.


Cursed ~ My hand is bloody well dead! ::mourns the loss of her faithful right hand:: Arg... too much typing in one day! I’ve done about ::counts back:: six pages of this one and around five for ‘Of Angels and Daemons’ today, and that’s only since after dinner >.o

And I’ve got an effin headache cause I’ve spent all day watching Stargate and Neon Genesis Evangelion (Jisu’ll know what I’m talking about) episodes. God damned muse picks the worst times to actually inspire… I’d think of getting a new one, but I’ve become quiet attached to Makoto now… stupid effin muse. What was I talking about anyway? ::reads back:: Does any of that make sense or is it just me.. o.o

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