Damien: Allright, so this would be where all the stuff related to A&D that Cursed has no clue where to put is… put. Yeah… so anyways, enjoy the random-ness of Cursed’s mind.

Of Angel and Daemons character quiz thing
Damien: Like it says a quiz, to find out who your most like… compleat with crappy old style pics. Oh well… it should kill some time I guess. -.-

Damien: Cursed has a thing about making wallpapers… and seeing as how she bothers… enjoy. God… I can’t believe I agreed to do this crap… >.<

Malachi and Dazriel (the fish years)
Damien: The first wallpaper Cursed ever did, hence the crappy-ness, still some people seem to like it so up it stays.

Thoughts of a Daz angel
Damien: O.o Very Angsty… also shiny (somewhat) so all you Ravens (yeah I’m looking at you Alty) should like. X3

Damien: Koto and Tan ~ Malachi and Daz… nothing much else to say about it…

If I was to return yours…
Damien: A bit of Daz/Mals fluff. Very random…

Koto wallpaper 01
Damien: An old style of drawing Makoto… and the Cursed Cats thrown in there too o.o

Lost within your arms
Damien: Makoto and Tansear (in daemon form) based of a painting Cursed saw on a school art trip. Lyrics by Nik Kershaw.

Koto wallpaper 02
Damien: The very first picture of Makoto, changed hasn’t he? The pegasus in the back was going to be his second form but the idea was dropped rather quickly.

Silentium Amoris
Damien: Makoto and Tansear having fun, poem snippet is from ‘Quia Multum amavi’ by Oscar Wilde. It seemed appropriate X3

Damien: Makoto and Tansear again, lyrics are from Ask DNA by the Seatbelts.

Fated to be
Damien: more Makoto and Tan-ness… boy I wonder if Cursed likes this pairing *shakes head mournfully*

Damien: The whole cast! Or most of them at least…

Damien: ‘S all there is right now… Cursed’ll add as new stuff pops up… if that’s a good thing is debatable… >.<