Info on Of Angels & Daemons

Of Angels and Daemons is based in a world called Murasha. Angels and Daemons live on planes separate from the main world though they do spend a lot of time down there in their mortal forms for one purpose or another.

Delaren rules the Daemons known as ‘Delaren’s servants,’ The Daemon capital is Kalata, the main trade city. Kamerl rules the Angels his ‘children’ in the city of Nuren.

The world was made by Kamerl and Delaren although the humans later decided Delaren was evil and to be hated and that Kamerl is the one ‘true’ god. Much to Kamerl’s embarrassment and Delaren’s amusement.

Both Angels and Daemon’s have two forms, their normal human forms and the ‘holy’ forms. Angels simply grow their wings but Daemons shift to a beast form almost lion anthro in shape.

Angels were forbidden by Kamerl to ever fight, unfortunately this also includes defending themselves and an Angel is reduced to accepting what ever cruelty it receives. An Angel’s job is to ‘protect’ certain people by warning them in some way or otherwise just getting in the way. Usually they end up taking the blunt of the stick for them. A familiar is sent out to inform the Angel when they are needed. If they miss the deadline the Angels punishment is to watch what happened to the humans they failed. Usually a very painful experience.

It’s common for an Angel and a Daemon to bond during a yearly ritual. It forms a kind of partnership between the two, the Daemon’s job being to make sure the Angel is not harmed (due to them not being able to defend there selves) and the Angels job is to counter the belief that causes the Daemon’s to try to kill all humans they meet. Not all Angels or Daemons bond but those who do, rarely do not fall in love.

Both Kamerl and Delaren have what are basically right hand ‘men’, Kamerl’s Chosen and Delaren’s First. Both positions hold high authority, though Delaren’s First is respected by all Daemons and Kamerl’s Chosen is feared by Angels. The current First is Malachi Kish and the current Chosen is Dazriel Akka.

Other being’s reside in the Separate planes of existence, the two most well known being Muses and Shifters. Though Shifters are few and far between mainly due to the rules against them shape shifting whilst in the Separate realms.

Shifters are mostly human although they can take the form of any living form, usually a shifter has a preferred form they spend time in. When a shifter becomes ill, it is known to cause them to shift randomly with disastrous affects.

The Muse’s are lead by Makoto Seen, a member of a Karu (called Cat Daemons by humans) The current leader of the muses’ chooses his successor with out the chosen muse knowing about it. Once the choice is made, it’s final unless a more qualified candidate is found to replace them. When the current Leader dies, their chosen is acquitted in a great ceremony lasting three days. The position can not be refused and even if the next leader does not wish to be, they are forced. Once the ceremony of Rajd is completed the muse will be the next leader until he or she dies.

The Karu, a race of nomadic half cat beasts are rarely found in the separate plains, preferring to stay with in there prides. A Karu is always affectionate and are commonly known to easily fall in love. Its known for a Karu to take many lovers within the same time period, they don’t see anything wrong with it as they love them all the same. Karu’s are happily open about such things and see nothing wrong with hugging (at least) a complete stranger for he sole fact that they find them desirable. Although they may take many lovers it does not diminish at all the sense of loyalty and love they rain on their chosen. The two main examples of Karu’s in the story are of course Makoto and Oreo. Although they are from different tribes.

There are many other worlds known and its not uncommon for an Angel or Daemon to go travelling. Or for that matter uncommon for Delaren or Kamerl go ‘missing’ for a few centuries. Murasha can look after itself, and besides that’s what Kamerl’s chosen and Delaren’s first are for.


Why write a story like this?

Heh… basically because it was a challenge, I got challenged by a certain friend who shall stay anonymous to write a story with things that I had never written about in before. One of those items was to make the main characters gay. First it was just mucking about, but now I’m kind of addicted to it. It doesn’t help that my beta readers keep nagging/poking me to write more >.o

Wait… Malachi’s gay then?

Erh… well yes, or maybe he’s bi, that hasn’t really been made clear but to tell the truth it isn’t really important. What is, is that, yes Malachi likes guys and yes he does love Dazriel… well as close as a Daemon can come to love anyways.

Ok, I’ confused what’s going on with Makoto and Malachi?

Ah, the infamous question. Ok I’m going to try and keep this short. At the beginning of the story Malachi and Makoto are sleeping together. Makoto is a Karu, and Karu’s are… very affectionate. Makoto probably has other lovers the Malachi and he won’t be keeping it a secret. Karu’s live in tribes and don’t really have a concept of faithfulness and sneer at the idea of only being able to love only one person truly. They love all the members of their prise equally and will have probably slept with most of the tribe. So in Makoto’s eyes when he says that he loves Malachi he means it in a different way then its normally said. Malachi, who knows the way Makoto thinks, means it in the same way when he replies to him. So basically Makoto and Malachi feel for each other in a more brotherly way… tough they are screwing -.-

You repeat the phrase ‘red eyes flashed angrily’ a lot, but who’s eyes are red?

Actually no body’s eyes are red, Mal’s are blue (as are Nenuki’s ^^) Daz’s are green, Koto has purple, Tansear brown, Oreo has amber, Kamerl grey and Delaren silver. When it says that eyes flashed red in the story it’s always referring to one of the Daemons. When a Daemon gets angry their eyes begin to glow red, at first they always flash between the Daemon’s normal eyes colour and red until settling on one of the two.

Dude, does Tansear fuck ever angel that he sees? (brought to you by our favourite little convict Jisu Im)

::slaps forehead:: God damnit, I’m never going to live that one down am I? Tansear screwed one angel and he was just nervous about the bonding ceremony. Wait… why am I defending him? Eh… oh and as for you Alty, you leave Tansear’s arse—I mean tail alone you hear? ^^ Merf…

Umm… yeah. ‘S all for now, if you have anymore little nagging questions do feel free to Send me email Lol.