The Gallery

Damien: Welcome to the art gallery! Have a look round, but do pay attention to the warnings!

So you come here often? (Dazriel and Koi!Ruben)

Cuddles (Makoto, Oreo and Daemon!Tansear)

Christmas card... and a REAL bad joke (Dazriel)

Always by your side (Makoto and mother)

Moonlit night (Dazriel)

Oh shut up 'Merl (Delaren)

Paint the night (Delaren and Kamerl)

Firestorm Encanta - the MLP years or It's not advised to piss off your creator ;D (Firestorm)

Firestorm's true form (Firestorm)

Firestorm take 2 (Firestorm)

Heartless beauty (Jarene) WARNING: nudity

Smile for the camera? (Kamerl)

The art of sketchy-ness (Kamerl)

Twins... of a kind ;D (Makoto and Makoto poppet)

The trouble with dragon spirits (Makoto and Rathe)

Making a statement... we hope (Makoto)

Makoto - muse of few morals (Makoto)

Learning to ride (Makoto, Horse!Firestorm and Oreo)

Nap attack (Makoto and cameo by the Bora plushie) ;D

Surprise or "Correct the bulge" as Alt calls it ;D (Makoto and Tansear)

Why muse's should be careful who they flirt with (Makoto and Tansear - the one that started it all XD)

Swiiiiiiing low, sweet chariot... (Makoto and Tansear)

First kiss (Makoto and Tansear)

Broken (Makoto and Tansear)

Bad time (Makoto, Tansear, Malachi and Dazriel) WARNING: adult (Yaoi)

Locket portrait (Makoto)

It's paint ok? Just paint! (Makoto and Maxithell) WARNING: adult (Yaoi)

Adore the feet, that is your mission (Makoto and Tansear) WARNING: adult (Yaoi)

You said you wouldn't leave me... (Young!Makoto)

Let sleeping Koto's lie (Makoto)

"Well if you don't come to it, I'm gonna dress Mala up as you and take him instead..." (Malachi - as teh Alty)

"Whadda ya mean it's a sin?" (Malachi and Dazriel)

Angst is all in the eyes ;D (Malachi)

Dance to the silence (Malachi)

Daemons and drink ¡V someone¡¦s sleeping on the sofa tonight... (Malachi and Dazriel)

Max - fae for hire... well... sort of (Maxithell)

Dark god smut (Nerrijh and Seranthell) WARNING: adult (Yaoi)

He's happy, he's got a box ;D (Oreo)

"A thousand years from now I shall never understand why you must hurt me" (Oreo)

Oreo Seena: The later years (Older!Oreo)

Woof? (The wolf pup Rei)

Star watching (Maxithell and Rrhoaren)

Incubus greetings ;D (Rojan)

If you can jump as high as the moon - what's hidden inside (Sasha)

Hold me tight, never let me fall (Sasha and Firestorm)

Blade dance (Tansear)

Come play with me (Tansear)

Sky swept (Young!Tansear)

Dragon girl (Wyer)

Dance to the music (Human!Wyer)


Damien: The following pics are collabs with other artists, two for the price of one ai?


A collab with the great (and huggable) Shi, she drew Dazriel and I drew her two boys Loki and Morien ^___^


Damien: and here¡¦s some lovely fanart done by Artist who are all oh so much better then Cursed ;D


A lovely piccy of Firestorm by Naraku :D We love it!

The daemoness Jarene by a great artist called Twister. Jarene's clothes are to *die* for ;D

Aiiiiiii *dead* Kamerl by the awesome Shi *glomptackles*

Heh, dual fanart here, Makoto and Zarbon from DBZ... go fig XD It¡¦s from teh Angel and much loved as such XD

A beautiful picture of Makoto but the bloody amazing Dechanique *drools* and Oh Em Gee, I heart the plushie :D

A gorgeously pastel soft piece starring Makoto by the darling Tsukomi *glomps* I was so happy to get this one

Malachi by the great Amaria, her half of a art trade that I had great fun doing.

Fanart of the ever fluffy Oreo by henshin_shadow. Adorable~!

A jaw dropping piece of work by Tibisai Robertson, Tansear looks fucking amazing


Damien: Well that¡¦s all there is for now, drop by later, Cursed draws *way* too much anyways.