~ The dream diary of Sana Aya ~

HehÖ actually an assignment for English class. We had to write a diaryÖ yes well. Itís got Makoto in it, so I figured Iíd put it up here.

My dream diary ~ Sana Aya

The forty eighth day of the season of awakening in the year of the Chimera:
I dreamt of Makoto again last night. We were in a wall less room and yet I was held more securely then if I had been held in chains. Demons tore at me and the whip of my sins cut deep into the flesh of my back. I sobbed into the cold floor and when the pain became too much, I threw back my head and screamed. And as my cry faded out Makotoís sweet song filled the room that was not a room. I know of no other way to describe the place I hovered in. Monsters and demons both were swept from my dream at his song and my muse and protector held me till I awoke in the morning. ~Sana

The forty ninth day of the season of awakening in the year of the Chimera: Oh how my soul soars at the thought of my last dream. I fear that I can not find the words to describe it, the beauty of it, yet still I shall try as my lady and mentor has asked me to. I know the dream was a gift from my muse. Such a dream could not be spawned in the heart of one such as me, a lowly human. I felt his presence as I drifted from my sleep, Makoto was pleased. Oh but if only I could find words that will do his gift justice. But I fear that such words can not be placed by one such as myselfÖ
My paws ran across the snow, hardly leaving an imprint in the fine flakes. My family ran with me, my soul as much theirs as mine. Nothing can describe the sweetness of running with ones pack, the thrill of the hunt washing through your soul, safe in the knowledge that your brother and sister wolves will protect you as one of their own. Then the chase began as the pray was scented. And Iím just one tiny spark in an inferno, but the feelings good something to be treasured. The prey breaks from the cover of the trees, the pack following un-haltingly and I catch the first glimpse of our prey. A buck, coat shining silver in the moon light, hooves flying out behind him. And Iím right behind him, panting breath freezing in the night air, senses wild with the smell of tiring buck. Then something tells me its time to leap so I do. Paws landing on the bucks back only makes him run faster but itís too late for my jaws have snapped shut, my teeth sinking into the flesh of his throat. And as the blood gushes into my mouth, the little spark thatís me is yanked away from the pack and I wake to Makotoís song ringing in my ears. ~ Sana

The first day of the season of new life in the year of the Chimera:
My latest dream was disturbing to say the least. In my heart I wish I could just forget it rather then re-live the pain by writing it down. Yet I promised my lady I would place all my dreams down onto this parchment be them good or bad. And Sana does not forget her promises as easily as that. As my head touched my pillow I felt the stirring of a dream that was not own. I was taken to a room deep within the stone of a castle, a dungeon. The tools of the trade of torture lined the walls and dread filled me. A man was dragged into the room and chained to the wall, I will not write down what they did to him that pain is for me alone to endure. When the torture was un-yielding, two of the men were sent out of the room. They came back though, dragging a little girl between them. Oh my lady she was beautiful. Sweet and innocent as only a child not yet six can be. Large eyes of sky blue and dark hair that hung down in unruly curls. At seeing her, the man began to cry pleading with the men not to hurt herÖ not to hurt his daughter. The only reply he was given was to tell them and she wouldnít be. He screamed told them that he didnít know anything about it. What Ďití was I never found out. Obviously the reply was not the one they wanted for the girl was chained to the wall. She received the same treatment as her father and he was forced to watch until both where hoarse with screaming. The man was asked again to tell them about Ďití and when he replied as he had before the men shook their heads. A sword was taken from the wall and placed in the torturers hands. The man began to scream, yelling that he didnít know and pleading with them not to between sobbing hard. The torturer ignored him, lifting up the naked blade and slamming it into the girlís chest. The man screamed and my own cry echoed his. Words I couldnít understand were whispered into my ear and Makoto pulled me away, the sound of his song deliberately covering the mans screams. My muse held me tight as we drifted up to awareness, only letting me go at the last possible moment. Itís nice to know someone guards me in my dreamsÖ if they can be called dreams. ~Sana

The second day of the season of new life in the year of the Chimera:
Something very strange happened last night. I did not dream at all. Not even the silly dreams that a normal person has. I think Makotoís giving me time to get over my last dream. Iím glad; I really donít feel up to another dream right now. ~ Sana

The third day of the season of new life in the year of the Chimera:
Once more my muse has not brought me any dreams. My night was quiet as the death and I fear Makoto has decided not to visit me anymore. I hope heís just giving me time, I dread to think what my lady will do if he does not came. Oh well perhaps it is all for the best. Though the thought of never hearing my protectorís song again fills me with a dread I can not fathom out. I wonít give up, maybe heíll come tonight. ~Sana

The forth day of the season of new life in the year of the Chimera:
Makoto came back last night! He took me to a place so pretty I donít know where to begin. Oh if only I could use words as Rina the minstrel can. I think that even then I could not do my Makotoís dreams justice. My muse took me to a place where the land joins with water like a river bank, only you canít see the other side of the water and itís not nice to drink, tastes like swallowing salt. My muse told me itís called the see. Personally I thought that was a silly thing to call it for all I could see was blue. But then Makoto told me to swim in it. Under the water itís beautiful. Not murky like at the bottom of a river or lake but crystalline and full of colourful darting fish and plants of bubbly rock. My muse led me deeper and further out into the water until I could only dimly see the sun as a shattered flow of yellow. And I settle down on the bottom of the water and beside me is this strange creature. Shaped like a star its five little arms gripping the bubbly rock beneath it. I tickle it and it hunches up letting go of its grip, then the current clamed it and it drifts around in its mercy until it touches against Makotoís belly and settles there. My muse just smiles and pulls it free placing it back onto the rock. Then he opens his mouth and his song drifts around me. Something responds to his call and huge fish, the size of Rath the head of the guard swim towards us. The prod their noses at us and at Makotoís urging I swim with them. Their grace is amazing as the twist and leap through water and air. They call to one another in soft voiced clicks. And I canít help but try and click back to them. Finally Makoto touches my arm and we drift away and I awake to the warmth of my bed. ~ Sana

The fifth day of the season of new life in the year of the Chimera:
Last night I dreamt of my mother. I stood in our kitchen of old and watched as she bustled around, tending to the washing, cooking and the little ones. She was worked off her feet with no one to help her and guilt hit my heart at the sight. I watched her cook the eveningís meal and set the table trying hard to get all four of the little ones to eat. My mother needs help and I think Makotoís trying to tell me something. It was nice to just watch my mother, helping with some little chore when her back was turned or her attention on one of the little ones. ~Sana

The sixth day of the season of new life in the year of the Chimera:
I dreamt of my mother again last night. Iíve decided to tell my lady that I wish to leave. I have to go back to mother. Queen Le will not enjoy letting me go. But Iíll force her to and if she still refuses then Iíll do what I hope I will not have to. Sana will not live as a slave, a servant maybe but never a slave. ~Sana

The seventh day of the season of new life in the year of the Chimera:
The Queen has refused my request; sheís had me locked in the top most tower, to stop me from running. Makoto came to me last night, we went nowhere just stayed in the floating blackness that starts and ends my dreams. I told him of my problem and he was sad. Thatís when I decided to do it, Makoto was not sure at first but I can tell heís pleased. Iím going to give up my body forever nowÖ Iíll live with my muse and protector in his world of dreams and together weíll go places. And when my training is complete weíll train a new dream listener together. Let someone else share in the pleasure of our dreams. I was scared at first that Makoto would shun and refuse me but I realised now he loves me just as much as I love him. And please my lady if you read this, tell my mother Iím sorry. I shall sleep now and this time I wonít wake, Makoto my muse, my protector and my love waits for me. For the last timeÖ ~Sana

~The last pages from the diary of Queen Leís dream listener, Sana Aya, translated by Leith Tal~