Short story based around Makoto and Oreo. A late night, writing by torch story so that might explain the strangeness of the thing. Heh… anyways, read if you want, don’t if you don’t.

Makoto smiled down at the small form beside him. Oreo’s furry chest rose and fell as he slept, amber eyes firmly shut to the night air. His fur rippled in his sleep as compact muscles twitched restlessly. Makoto grinned and pulled the tom against his chest draping his clock over both of them. Oreo was what now, eleven, twelve? Still too young… Makoto wondered if he’d ever be old enough.
The muse sighed, his breath ruffling Oreo’s hair and the cat shifted against him, back claws digging into Makoto’s leg at the interruption of his slumber. The muse took the hint and lay still until sleep claimed him.


Makoto leaned over the water to survey his handiwork. A large hood left his face in shadow, changing hid hair from it’s icy blue to the many shades of grey. His purple eyes hidden beneath a strip of gossamer.
The skin of his hands covered by soft, grey gloves. He’d used to of bleached his skin but Oreo had taken a liking to its true colour and willing to please the tom Makoto had left it as it was, light blue skin with its storm blue leopard spots. His tail was secured to his leg with leather ties, uncomfortable though it was it effectively hid it. A soft grey robe, too large for him finished the disguise. Now all he looked like was an old eccentric and not a Karu.
“You’ll be fine master Makoto.” Oreo’s voice drew him form his musings. Makoto grinned up at the tom cat, Oreo was dressed as he was, the black robe dragging in the mud.
“Yeah… come on lets go.” Usually he wouldn’t be seen dead near a human village, let alone go into one of his own free will but Makoto was desperate. He had to get the medicine and quickly, the village was the nearest place that sold the herb. The risk was worth it… he hoped.
The market place was full to bursting and it took all of Makoto’s skill to keep from being bumped into and discovered. With Oreo following his heels faithfully the muse made his way to the medicine stall. The stall keeper smiled at his warmly and Makoto smiled back despite the fact she couldn’t see his face.
Still smiling and chatting away happily, despite the lack of response, she measured out his medicine. Handing it to him in a small dragonwood box. Makoto smiled at the irony and handed her the gold coins. More then was needed but he waved away the change.
“Hey gramps! How about lending us a few silvers?” Voices behind him drawled. Makoto shook his head and went to move forward, he wanted to leave now and besides he didn’t have any more money.
Hands caught in the back of his robe and Makoto flushed with fear. Instinctively he yanked forward, freezing t the sound of fabric ripping. Makoto closed his eyes in fear as both robe and hood with it fell to the ground. Gasps of fear and anger filled the air. His head cracked against the wall as he was shoved against it.
“Well look boys, if it ain’t a little cat demon… and on our territory too. How inconsiderate… think we’ll have to kill it now.” The youth grinned at him, reaching out to tap against Makoto’s lip as if thinking. Bad move, the muse bit down hard, until he felt bone under his teeth. The man cried out, punching into Makoto’s gut with his free hand. Makoto snarled, but let go at the cry of;
“Here’s another one of them, tiny runt too.” Another man pulled Oreo forward. The tom was struggling uselessly, tiny fangs bared in fear and anger.
“You leave him alone, he’s only a cub!” Makoto yelled, earning him another punch. Oreo stilled at that, small whimpers breaking from his throat.
“Cub is it? Ah, but there they’re the worst… Here boys, this one seems to care about it, how about we make a new fur coat?”
Oreo gave a frightened squeak as knives were drawn. A dull throb exploded in Makoto’s head as his vision turned red in anger, telling him he was shifting form and the itch in his shoulder blades suggested it was drakt not furred.


As his vision cleared Makoto surveyed the carnage before him. Whitewashed walls stained red with blood was the least of it. The muse moaned and sunk to his knees. Soft fur brushed against him and Makoto wrapped his arms about the small tom. Oreo sighed happily in his embrace.
The two stayed like that for a while until dusk darkened the shadows. Makoto sighed and reached for the box of medicine, lifting the shop keeper’s body to do so. It was no small wonder the humans hated and feared them so… Death would be busy tonight.