All about the Cursed Cat

Name: Cursed (Cat)

Real name: Kirsty Martin (see if you drop the y on Kirsty it sounds like Cursed… go fig.)

B-day: Jan first 1988

Likes: Drawing, Writing, Bora Toki, Cat Arthur, David Sneddon, Alty, Jisu, Kanako, Leanne, Yu-jin, Kaori, Nozomi, FISH!!!, being allowed to borrow one of Alty’s manly yellow bunnies, Makoto-tje and all the boys in her head, being randomly huggled, randomly huggling people.

Dislikes: Being shouted at, maths work, people taking her for granted, one of her fish dieing, getting lost, not being able to draw.

Job: Writer of ‘Of Angels and Daemons’, going to school.

Best known for: thinking she’s a blue cat, that thinks it’s a fish, that thinks it’s a pebble, that thinks it’s a girl, that thinks it’s a blue cat.

Loved by: Family and close friends… ::hopes::


Live journal: Click here (Yeah I did get one in the end Alty)

Neopets: ::blushes:: kirsty_martin12

Elfwood: Meep ::looks innocent::

Ik ben een vis! ::blub::