~The Characters~

The charecter of A&D, in order of apperance in the story.


Malachi Kish: (Mal-ah-ke emphases on the ke – right Jisu?)

Form: Daemon
Rank: Delaren’s first
B-day: 5th November
Age: Just into his 26th millennium
Family: Three sisters (Nenuki, Sasin & Kinde) Foster father is Delaren
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue

Bio: Being Delaren’s first makes him the second most powerful Daemon in existence. Malachi hates the job (it wasn’t optional) but has got a soft spot for Delaren. He’s young for a Daemon of his standing and has a habit of messing up the simplest of jobs. Delaren insisted he bond with an Angel despite his distaste for responsibility.

Quote: Er… Koto… you do know your tail is on fire right?


Tansear Rall (Tan-seer)

Form: Daemon
Rank: Ahreneh (kinda like a General)
B-day: 31st July
Age: 68 millennium, 85 centuries.
Family: One brother (Thoren)
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Dark brown

Bio: the Ahreneh of Delaren’s personal guard (not that he needs one.) Tan’s untrusting but deadly protective of those he’s told to watch. He tolerates Malachi’s presence though only if he behaves. Tansear regularly uses belief as an excuse to kill humans and jumps on any requests to do so.

Quote: Mortals break so easily…


Delaren (De-la-wren)

Form: Dark mana god
Rank: First Daemon
B-day: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Family: Kamerl (kind of)
Hair: White
Eyes: Silver

Bio: Created the world of Murasha with Kamerl, creating a strong bond between the two. Delaren’s strict with his ‘servants’ and very quick to anger. He’s just as quick to cool off but usually not before he’s hurt someone (usually Malachi) Although only tougher then Kamerl the humans on Mauasha have decided Delaren represents evil and detest him, something he finds extremely amusing.

Quote: Why is there a puppy on my bed?


Kamerl (Ka- mer-ul)

Form: light mana god
Rank: First Angel
B-day: Unkown
Age: Unkown
Family: Delaren (kind of)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Grey

Bio: Worked with Delaren to create the world of Murasha. Kamerl is a gentle soul even going as far as to forbid all Angels from fighting even in their own defence. Most of his decisions are spur of the moment things and he rarely thinks things through.

Quote: I’m not going to dignify that with an answer Delaren.


Dazriel Akka (Daz-re-el)

Form: Angel
Rank: Kamerl’s chosen
B-day: 8th January
Age: 23 millennium, 549 centuries.
Family: None
Hair: Dusty blond
Eyes: Green

Bio: Bonded to Malachi and Kamerl’s chosen. Daz loves anything small and furry so much so that Kamerl had to forbid him from bringing any more pets back home with him. Curiosity and what, for an Angel, is a large love of mischief has gotten him into situations that he can’t get out of. Kamerl chose him simply in the hope that he wouldn’t have enough time in which to create havoc.

Quote: For petes sake! Malachi, could you at least try not to kill anyone when I'm talking to you!


Oreo Seena (Ore-e-oh)

Form: Fur (Karu)
Rank: None
B-day: 17th March
Age: 17 millennium 43 centuries
Family: Makoto
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Amber

Bio: Oreo was adopted by Makoto as a kitten after he dropped onto the muse out of a tree. Makoto took a liking to the fur ball and raised him. He insists on calling everyone Master despite Makoto trying to make him stop. Eventually the muse gave in. Oreo is very sick and needs a medicine to live, un-fortunately the medicine can only be found on Kunra, the Karu home world a place where Karu are hunted for sport.

Quote: Master Makoto, Oreo thinks that if you keep doing that, you’ll go blind…


Makoto Seen (Ma-co-tow)

Form: Muse/Karu
Rank: Leader of all muses
B-day: 9th September
Age: 43 millennium, 2 centuries.
Family: Seven sisters
Hair: blue
Eyes: Purple

Bio: Makoto grew up in his tribe but was taken from it when he was young. Sold as a slave in Kalata he later killed the mistress who bought him. How he came to power is unknown and Makoto never talks about it. He’s fond of Malachi because the Daemon treats him normally.

Quote: Karu… slut… what’s the diff?


Rojan Pau (Row-jaen)

Form: Muse/Incubus
Rank: None
B-day: 26th March
Age: 47 millennium 842 centuries
Family: None
Hair: Bronze (green when in true incubus state)
Eyes: Amber

Bio: Rojan as well as being a muse is an incubus, which does invoke certain … problems. He’s usually a happy, go lucky guy and now being mature (or as much as he’s going to get) Rojan has got a grip on the incubus problem. He does slip up a bit sometimes and flirts a lot, but it’s all in good faith and most take it as a compliment. Rojan is also the muse Makoto has chosen to be his heir should he die. Not that Rojan knows this…

Quote: I’m telling you Koto, this is the life, lunch and a shag in one convenient package.


Nenuki Kish (Ne-new-key)

Form: Daemon
Rank: None
B-day: 5th November
Age: Just into her 26th millennium
Family: Two sisters (Sasin & Kinde) and one brother (Malachi) Foster father is Delaren. Mate is Thoren.
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue

Bio: Malachi’s twin sister. Twins are rare amoung daemons and just as it caused Malachi to lose his sense of taste, Nenuki lost her sence of smell. A very bubbly character, Nenuki likes to look on the bright side of every thing. Nenuki’s mate is Thoren, Tansear’s younger brother. The two are almost made for each other. With an egg close to hatching and both her twin and brother-in-law to worry about, Nenuki really doesn’t get all that much free time.

Quote: Mala-chan… I don’t think Delaren meant for you to use it that way…


Jarene Neru (Jah-rhen)

Form: Daemon
Rank: Tracker and one of the 'dragons'.
B-day: 17th April
Age: 18 millennium
Family: None
Hair: Currently red
Eyes: Candyfloss pink

Bio: One of the two ‘dragons’ Jarene is constantly hyper. She’s a sweet little thing and one of the best trackers the second plain have. Has a habit of jump hugging people when they least expect it. Being a daemon means she’s not at all squeamish and in fact Jarene is quiet a vicious thing when riled.

Quote: … well what about Tansear? Can I hug him, Delaren?


Wyer Herandeo (Whier)

Form: Muse/Draak (dragon)
Rank: One of the ‘dragons’
B-day: 29 October
Age: 18 millennium
Family: None
Hair: Green
Eyes: One green, one blue.

Bio: Wyer is the second of the ‘dragons’ and she’s got a wicked sense of humour. Wyer and Tansear get on scarily well. Maybe it’s got something to do with the murderous tendencies they both have. Wyer’s a Drakt as well as a muse and because of that she does have a few… strange habits.

Quote: Look mate, its simple enough, hit on me one more time and I'll rip your fucking heart out.


Ruben Seena (Roo-ben)

Form: Vampire
Rank: slave (bought by Makoto)
B-day: 3rd December
Age: 45 (looks 23)
Family: None
Hair: Red gold
Eyes: copper

Bio: Ruben was born a vampire, not much is known about his past but he was forced into slavery and trained to a pleasure slave. He’s quiet and extremely nervous, though a sweet person.

Quote: Er… Master Makoto, not to be rude… but do you think you could… er… please refrain from bleeding around me?


Sacha Keerth

Form: Muse/Draak (dragon)
Rank: none
B-day: 28th March
Age: 3000
Family: none
Hair: dark grey
Eyes: green

Bio: Sacha is a fire draak, and as so can use fire magic (although he isn't very good) Abandoned by his people due to having a muse calling, he was found by Koto and ended up rooming with Rojan until he was kidnapped by Firestorm. Despite that, Sacha has grown to care for Fire.

Quote: You know one of these days the irony of a fire draak sleeping with a guy called Firestorm isn't going to phase me...


Firestorm Encanta

Form: Shifter
Rank: prince
B-day: 12th August
Age: 600
Family: father (King Hiasker), one brother (Ananler)
Hair: orange
Eyes: yellow

Bio: Firestorm for his race is a gentle soul, although the harshness of Shifter blood is still present. He grew up with only his older brother caring about him and because of this the two have a strong relationship. Fire disobeyed his father in perusing his interest in Sacha. After he abducted the muse his father disowned him, and although he's still welcome in his kingdom he prefers to stay by Sacha instead.

Quote: I'm right; you’re wrong, end of story.


Rrhoaren Kisall (Reh-roar-en)

Form: Daemon
Rank: none
B-day: 8th September
Age: 457
Family: mother (Nenuki), father (Thoren), uncles (Malachi and Tansear), grandfather (Delaren)
Hair: gold blond
Eyes: Blue

Bio: Ren is still young for a daemon, still a cub although he looks fully grown. Ren loves to sing, and is well known for his voice. He first met Max when out in the forest when he tripped over the sleeping fae.

Quote: Uncle Tan? Dad says you need to go get laid...


Maxithell (Max-e-fell)

Form: Muse/fae
Rank: none
B-day: N/A
Age: N/A (although he looks to be in his late teens)
Family: N/A
Hair: white
Eyes: red

Bio: Max is an albino fae, he does not remember any of his past until the day he met Ren. Pretty much adopted by the daemon and his family Max is a hyper active creature as most of his folk are. Max loves colours and routinely paints patterns on his skin with different ones. He also had a case of raven-syndrome, in that anything he finds that’s even remotely shiny, he attaches to his clothes in one way or the other.

Quote: Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnny!


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