Black magic

Right, the first in the Dark Duties series, a colab between Cursed and Alty-chan. With Tansear Rall and Makoto Seen. Erm… yeah… ‘s very scratchy at times so be warned and the plot does have a tendency to drift and take some very sharp turns here and there, but overall it pretty good. So yeah…


Tansear growled at the sight of rain-drenched streets, water swirled around his feet soaking into his boots. The daemon sighed and set off towards the palace. Something told him this was not going to be his day.

The sound of rain was pleasant, provided you were somewhere both dry and warm. Tansear gave a happy sigh as he leaned on the window still, breathing in the scent of rain and disturbed dust. He’d changed to dry clothes and his wet ones sat beside the fire, steaming slightly. There was nothing wrong with having silk as a uniform usually… only when wet it did gain a slight… revealing factor.

The daemon stretched peacefully, turning round lazily as his door swung open. Delaren smiled at him.
“I hope I’m not interrupting you.”
“No master, I was just… thinking.”
“Ah… anyway, I’ve a job for you. Makoto asked to borrow a daemon for the day.” A growl rose in the daemons throat at the name. It dies though at the look of almost evil pleasure on his master’s face. Tansear gulped.
“I told him you’d be pleased to do it.” – Cursed.


Sulking Tansear trudged through the rain. Again.
“Might as well swim there,” He muttered to himself, “Stupid muses, I should just not go…” He stopped in the street, casing a massive collision behind him as someone knocked into him. He jumped and thought of Delaren’s malicious grin again.

After running for several minutes Tansear found himself before the door to Makoto’s dwellings. Begrudgingly, he put out his hand to knock on the door, and finding it dark inside, he stepped in.

“Oreo? Makoto?” Tansear softly called. Great, just great. Now he was dripping wet on the carpet and he probably had to run even father to find the bloody muse and man oh man Delaren’s wrath was something he did not want to have upon him.

Tansear was startled at the sound of chinking glass. Softly growling he turned the corner to find… a trail of rose petals. The growl transformed into a deep, long groan. Hr followed the trail, his heart beating faster with rage every second. If Makoto tried ANYTHING he’d… he’d… Tansear grunted out loud.

“Yeah, what would you do eh?” He muttered viciously to himself. The trail took him now into a richly decorated bedroom, ending in an explosion of petals on the bed. The only light came from about 340 lighted candles dripping wax everywhere. The stink of it all was unbearable to Tansear but he forced himself to stand defiantly.
“Makoto, you’re going to have to do better then this!” He yelled. “For Christ’s sakes, its like a scene from a cheap soap opera!” Silence. His highly tuned ears detected nothing. With a final growl Tansear spun around and stormed out of the room. At the doorway a flash of blue and purple hit him and before he knew it, Tansear was on the bed being pinned down by Makoto, who growled at him playfully, smiling at him.

“MAKOTO!” Tansear roared. “Get off me!”
“Oh come on Tan, let your romantic side come out!” Makoto grinned, his face looming ever closer over Tansear’s, who only struggled feebly.
“You know… I gave Oreo the day off…” Makoto whispered in a husky voice as his lips brushed against Tansear’s nose. – Alt.


The daemon froze, eyes wide… this was defiantly not his day. Makoto shifted forward until he sat on Tansear’s belly. The muse grinned at his growl and leaned to place a kiss against his mouth. Tansear started and reached to shove the muse off him.

Makoto yelped and grabbed hold of the daemons shirt, pulling the two to the ground. The muse blinked up at the daemon straddling him. A small giggle broke from him and Makoto bit into his lip to stop it. Tansear snarled and raised a clenched fist warningly. White hot pain slammed into his head and Tansear mentally cursed Delaren.

He opened his eyes to find he’d rested his forehead against the muse’s. Makoto was smiling at him and his eyes had gone a light purple.

Tansear sat transfixed by the spirals of indigo and lilac in the muse’s eyes. He leaned forward slightly until Makoto blinked.

Tansear yelped and shot backwards, a blush staining his face. What the… he could *feel* Makoto’s disappointment, but that didn’t make any… surly Delaren wouldn’t of… Breath coming in short pants he reached out to the connection he had with his master. Half way down it split in half, his masters was foggy, almost distant and there, shining in comparison was his link to Makoto.

“I don’t get it.” Tansear sat down and sighed. The sound of the soft rustle of cloth caught him as the muse sat down next to him.
“Get what?”
“Why he would bond me to you.”
“Now I don’t understand…”
Tansear let out a howl and stood up, spun around angrily only to crash back down and into Makoto’s lap.
Makoto grinned evilly and leaned over to kiss him again. – Cursed.


“No… no, I can’t.” Tansear whispered feebly as he looked into Makoto’s spirals which had come back again. He turned away. “No!”

Tansear jumped up and walked to the window, gazing absentmindedly out of it.
“Go. Just… leave me alone for a while.” He said to the window.
“Aw, come on my sweet little-”
“GO!” He yelled and as Makoto left the room his eyes stung at the overwhelming feelings of sadness and disappointment.
“Dammit, damn his emotions!” He roared and in a flash of rage he knew all too well he kicked out blindly, the sound of splintering wood calming him. He stood and stared out of the window again, ignoring the seething pain in his leg and trying to block out all thoughts and emotions.
His and anyone else’s. – Alt.


Tansear whimpered and slid his back down the wall, to land in a heap at the bottom. He growled and slammed his head against the wall angrily. This was beyond crap! The daemon sighed, he could still feel Makoto’s disappointment and worse, the muse was worried about him. A sickening curiosity over took him and Tansear reached out towards Makoto’s mind, to the connection they shared.

The muse was almost sick with fear; he hadn’t meant to upset him. Tansear smiled, the muse’s mind was so open, he could of learned anything he wanted. Could have just jumped in and rifled through the muse’s memories. He wouldn’t though; he was scared of what he just might find. Tansear pulled away carefully but couldn’t help leave a trace of himself. He’d have to see that Malachi taught the muse how to close his mind.

The daemon sighed again and his stomach clenched from the guilt he felt at having upset him ‘master’, Tansear settled down to sleep.

He woke warm and content, a hand stroking his hair carefully, barely brushing his head. Tansear sat up, twisting around until he could look into Makoto’s eyes. The muse had settled down beside him so Tansear’s head rested in his lap. Makoto’s face flushed red and his tongue darted out to wet his lips. Lust and a tint of fear tumbled through their connection. Tansear gulped, Makoto’s feelings were contagious.

“I… I’m sorry, but I really… really need your help now Tansear.” Makoto’s voice was small, like a child’s. It defiantly worked for him. Tiredly Tansear rubbed a hand over his face.
“What do you want?” His voice was gruff and the muse’s eyes widened.
“I… eh-” Makoto sighed, visibly deflating. When he looked back up at Tansear his eyes were black, defeated. “’S Oreo. I…we went out for the day. There was something I needed to get. I, I left somewhere safe. Told him not, not to move. When I came… when I came back, he wasn’t there and there, there was, was blood everywhere! Everywhere Tansear! His! And I don’t know where they, where they took him!” Makoto was hysterical now and Tansear shook him.

“Who took him!” Fear for the tom cat was thick in their link and the daemon was getting panicky himself. The muse just shook his head. Tansear took a deep breath and calmed himself.
“Makoto, where were you?” The muse’s head shoot up and eyes wild he grabbed hold of the daemons shirt.
“My homeplanet Tansear! My homeplanet!” The daemon froze, Kunra… if the tom cat was there, he was probably dead by now. Makoto’s eyes widened and he bit into his lip.
“Damnit Makoto, why didn’t you say that at first, rather then buggering about like this!” He knew he was shouting and he didn’t want to stop. It felt good to shout, to get rid of some stress. Makoto looked at him shamed faced and pointed to the bedside table. The bottle of wine on it was empty and Tansear cursed himself for not having realized earlier.
“You were drunk!” He couldn’t keep the accusation from his voice. Makoto’s eyes filled with tears and with a sob he buried his face in Tansear’s shirt. The daemon closed his eyes on the pain and pulled him closer. On Kunra they hunted Karu’s for sport… and the muse knew it. – Cursed.


After Makoto calmed down somewhat, the two continued their conversation.
“So why exactly did you have to go there?” Tansear asked.
“Medicine,” Makoto whispered, still snuggled up against Tan, “For Oreo. He needs it to live.”
“Aha. Well, why’d you take Oreo with you? You know the dangers of Kunra!”

Anger was taking over again and he sat up straight, causing Makoto to slip down onto his lap. Shocked with the effect of his actions Tansear jumped up with a half growl.
“Stop it, you’re making me giggle!” Makoto said from the ground.
“Well, don’t then and lets go find Oreo before…” Tansear’s voice trailed off and instead he tugged at Makoto impatiently. Out side the storm has succumbed and the two walked side by side, boots splashing through puddles.

“Ooh shit!” Makoto exclaimed as his tail poked into full view, “Better stop off in the bathroom and tie that down before we go through the portal, the rest of my disguise seems to be holding well.” Tansear merely nodded gruffly. After they bought tickets Tansear waited outside the toilets for Makoto. His thoughts wondering to Delaren again, becoming irritated at the static throughout their connection. To calm himself he turned to Makoto and his again. – Alt.


Impatience and anger flooded to him over it and Tansear started in surprise, gaining him suspicious looks from the people walking past. Cursing, the daemon slipped into the toilets, glaring about angrily. He waited for a daemon to leave before knocking on the door.

“What?” Makoto’s voice snapped. Tansear smiled slightly before knocking on the door again. The door was jerked open and Makoto glared at him.
“Need any help?” The daemon asked, running a hand through his hair. The plains of Makoto’s face softened and he nodded. Tansear sat down next to him, efficiently doing up the buckles that held Makoto’s tail securely to his thigh, knee and calf.

He snatched his hand back when he realized he’d been lingering. The muse wisely didn’t say anything but Tansear felt the trill of happiness that worked through him. Tansear led the way to the portals; there wasn’t much of a queue for Kunra, understandably so. The guard at the portal nodded to them, typed in the co-ordinates given to him by Makoto and punched up the portal. Tansear gazed, mesmerized into the blackness and then, with a shake of his head, stepped through.

The portal deposited them into a clearing; blood coated the ground, staining the grass. Makoto whimpered at the sight. The daemon shook his head, clearing away the muse’s anxiety. He shifted form, muzzle coming to rest above the ground and he sniffed carefully at the blood. Most of it was humans with the smallest traces of Karu. Tansear sighed in relief.

< Come on muse. > The daemon started forward, and then paused as he realized the muse couldn’t keep up. Tansear growled, bounding back to Makoto and shoving against his legs, so the muse fell forward over his back. He set off, paws slamming down onto the hard ground, beating out a rhythm as the muse clung to him.
“Fluffy daemon!” Makoto purred into his mane, making the ‘fluffy’ daemon wonder if he wasn’t still a little tipsy. Fucking perfect. I’m running full pelt, towards an unknown enemy, my only backup a drunken muse with a crush on me… just fucking perfect. Just when did my senses take leave? The daemon sighed; somehow he doubted this could get much worse.

The sound of a blade being drawn brought him back to the present and Tansear watched as the ring of men surrounded them. Then again, maybe life can get worse… -- Cursed.


He was going to have to kill them all he thought to himself. The thought was pleasant but he had to make sure that Makoto the source of all his problems, stayed safe. Meanwhile the circle of men was closing in on the two, several blades now glistening in the afternoon sun.

“Whatcha got there, lil daemon?” The apparent ringleader of the gang growled menacingly. Tansear glared and returned the growl.
< Stay away from me human. You would not be talking to me like that if you and your scum hadn’t surrounded me. >

Laughter escaped from the weight on his back,
“Hehe, oh Tansear, that’s a good one!” Giggled Koto.
< WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING! > Tan didn’t know why he even bothered asking, as he could feel the giddy-ness over the link with the muse. If he’d been in human form his cheeks would be a deep red.
“I-I only had a sip of gin, Tan! From the little bottle you have with you for emergencies…”
Shame and grief of the muse flooded over him as the men all laughed sadistically and slung insults at Makoto.

A the muse buried his head in Tansear’s mane again and broke into small sobs mixed with hiccups, the men all charged on some secret signal.

The next few minutes were a blur of metallic glints and red blood for Tansear, the anger overpowering all. A distant roar brought him back to reality, it sounded so strange and out of place that he needed to know where it was coming from. Then he realized it was his voice.

Flashes of his surroundings met his eyes. Dead bodies lying on the forest floor, their entrails leaking out and staining the grass, a tree crucified by a flare of sunlight, a man running away screaming, Makoto slumped against a tree trunk, groaning loudly, unaware of the blood soaked boy stumbling towards him with a knife brandished above his head.

With all the power left in his strong muscular body, Tansear bounded towards he boy and pounced. His claws sunk into the humans back and as he bit wildly he relished the warm blood matting his fur. The knife scattered to the ground a few meters further. The boy, gurgling and wheezing fell face down on the floor in front of Makoto, his glassy eyes and red blood betraying his death. Makoto’s eyes widened, and he screamed hysterically, clawing at the tree trunk in an effort to escape the blood running towards him.

He was saved by Tansear who scooped him up and grasped him strongly. His embrace was clumsy but Makoto didn’t mind.
As the muse seemed to calm down finally, and despite the warmth flooding between the two’s connection, Tansear still couldn’t help but think,
‘Ugh, I should get paid for this’ --Alty


“Muse, you are downright scary when you’re drunk.”
“Still love me though?” Makoto asked, purring as he lapped at the blood running Tansear’s neck. The daemon stiffened a low, almost un-heard growl starting in his throat.
“I don’t love you, I never have, never will.” He replied stiffly. Makoto sighed into his neck and raised up so his eyes were the same level as Tansear’s.
“That’s a shame daemon, cause I love you. And I do always get what I want.” Makoto smiled at him, tongue darting out to wet his lips. The muse leaned forward to drop a kiss against Tansear’s nose.

The daemon growled, a cruel smile twisting his features before moving his arms and letting Makoto fall to the ground. The muse sat, dazed, before sinking his teeth into Tansear’s thigh.

“You fucking arse!” He roared, reaching down to pry the muse from his leg. Makoto glared up at him eyes black, the daemon glared back at him. Makoto smiled hesitantly before standing up. He wobbled for a second and then straitened up.

Head held high the muse started off into the forest, tail twitching from side to side angrily. It took Tansear a second to realize he’d shed his disguise and fear replacing his anger, the daemon ran after him. A scream rent the night air and Tansear shifted in an attempt to run faster.

He skidded to a halt in a clearing. Makoto stood in the centre of it, face hard with anger, lips drawn back to expose sharp fangs. His hand was buried in the chest of the man who had tried to run. Red blood flowed down his arm, staining his pale blue skin as the muse lifted the human up. The man screamed again and Makoto grinned, his eyes fever bright.

Hesitantly Tansear reached down their connection, pleasure and lust for revenge flooded over it and the daemon gasped at the feelings. Makoto spun around at the sound, dragging another scream from the human. Eyes locked with Tansear’s, the muse reached behind him to wrap both hands around the weeping humans head.

A moment of harsh silence fell and Makoto smiled evilly before, squeezing, crushing the human’s scull. Tansear yelped in surprise, more at the muse’s feelings then his actions. Makoto sighed and let the human’s body drop.
“Come on, I want to find Oreo.” His voice was emotionless and worried Tansear followed him.


The humans camp sat right below them as the two sat, hidden behind the outcrop of rock. The sentry was dead, propped up by his spear, so as not to cause suspicion.
“Come on muse, and stay hidden.” Tansear hissed as he started down for the clearing where the guards had left the prisoners. He ghosted past the fire, Makoto right on his heels. Oreo was bound to a stake his head lolling bonelessly. He’d taken quiet a beating and was out cold.
“You stay here!” Tansear hissed at the muse before creeping out, one inch at a time towards the tom cat. He made quick work of the ropes tying Oreo, yanking at them with teeth, knife and nails. Oreo slid to the ground and with his heart in his throat Tansear started back to the muse.

Something sharp dug into his back and Tansear froze, turning fearfully to face the human. The man grinned at him, opening his mouth to shout the alarm, then his eyes widened as the dagger buried itself in his forehead. The daemon turned, eyes wide to stare at the muse. Makoto smiled.
“Lets go.” --Cursed.


“Bloody hell, I’m never taking alcohol with me again, you could of defended yourself goddammit.” Tansear mumbled, more to himself then anyone else.
“Will you not drag Oreo along the ground like that!” whispered Makoto angrily.
“Oopsey.” Tansear whispered back sarcastically. Makoto scooped up Oreo and cradled him protectively.
“C’mon daemon boy, let’s go.” He said, adding with a twinkle in his eye. “You’ll have to kill of any pesky humans… you sure you can handle that?”

Tansear hissed and muttered under his breath as he stalked after the muse, who had diverted his attention back to Oreo again, whispering lovingly to him and still cuddling him.

The humans did not discover the escape of their prisoner and deaths of their comrades until a few minutes later and by then the now- trio were several hundreds of meters away, concealed by foliage.
“Now what? Do ya think Oreo’s in any state to travel through a portal? Makoto wondered out loud and Tansear humped in reply.
“I don’t know, you tell me.” He sulked.
“Oh come on Tan. It’s getting late and I’m cold.” Makoto crept up to Tansear. When he tried to snuggle up to the daemon he was greeted by a snarl and Tansear jumped back, fire in his eyes.
“Oh. In a bad mood then…” Makoto murmured sadly, turning his back to Tansear with tiniest sigh. “I’ll go watch over Oreo. And get the portal open.”

Tansear merely growled. He hoped the connection between him and the damned muse would be closed off again soon, There was no way in hell that he was going to admit to anyone, especially himself, that he secretly liked the flattery of having Makoto’s attention.
Presently, Makoto came back into the clearing.
“All ready to go.”

Tansear nodded gruffly and followed the muse to the bloodstained clearing they had arrived at hours before. The black hole was as mesmerising as ever and for a split second Tansear was reminded of Koto’s intoxicating purple and lilac eyes. Then he shook his head and shooing Makoto in rather aggressively, he stepped through.

When they got back to Makoto’s residence and Oreo, still groggy from his ordeal, had been washed and out to bed, the daemon and the muse sat at the dinning table.
“Well that solves that problem. My work is done here.” Tansear said solemnly. “I’d best be-”
“Stay the night!” Makoto blurted, a gush of warmth clouding the connection between the two.
“You never give up do you?£ Tansear said, a miniscule smile twisting his features. --Alty.


A rush of laughter left the muse and he moved to sit on the table.
“Me, give up? Wishful thinking daemon.” Makoto slivered forwards, so he straddled Tansear’s lap. All pretence of playfulness gone, his eyes locked with the daemons. “I never give up on the things I like, and that includes you luv.”

Makoto’s face was inches from his own, eyes storm with lust and love. Tansear swallowed fearfully, trying desperately to burrow into the seat. Makoto purred and pressed himself, hard, against the daemon.

The constant flow of warmth, lust and love from the connection dazed the daemon, intoxicating his senses. So when Makoto placed a tender kiss against his lips, Tansear opened his own under him.

Purring and trembling with triumph the muse slipped his tongue in. The daemon froze, forgotten memories spilling to the surface as the mental scab was torn off. Tansear whimpered and shoved Makoto off him, brown eyes wide with fear and pain.

“Lords…” Makoto gazed up at him, eyes wide as he bit in to his lip. Too late Tansear realized how open his mind must have been. Lords below… the muse had seen… he knew…

Tansear’s breath was coming in short pants and he sunk to the floor in shock. The daemon curled until his head rested on his knees, dry sobs shaking his shoulders. Makoto moved to sit next to him, hands winding around the daemon, hushing him. After a while Tansear calmed down and he sat, curled up tightly against the muse. Makoto lifted up his head, until his eyes met the muse’s.

Makoto’s eyes were dark with pain, small spirals of purple curling in their centres. The muse smiled, his eyes lighting up.
“You do realize, it doesn’t have to be like that, doesn’t have to hurt?” --Cursed