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September 13.

Okay, if you are wondering why I have been so lazy with this site, is because I have been working on the totaly wonderful, new improved, GUILD NEWS! You can get it by clicking here or using the little button on the side there. Thanks to all who helped out.

September 6.

Okay okay, I was super lazy and have not updated the site for a week, but Pombieres was nice enough to make another newsletter!! Hooray! Go here to find it.

Help wanted! Please submit, articles, stories, comics, tips and whatever you can find or make to Ida_Red asap for the new newsletter! It will be alot better if we can get help from all of the members!!

Aug. 28

I added the rules and stuff to the Beauty Contest Activitie. This Friday/Saturday or so, expect somthing to appear on the guild site, special thanks to Pombieres! We need YOU to apply for a position as a Sub Council Member! Neomail Ida_red for details.

Aug. 27

I changed the raffle date to September first for the drawing, to give people more time to save the money to buy tickets. We also started a Beauty Contest! Details on the Activities page under the raffle information. There will also be some special Kryii Day things done by our guild! Why all the hubub over Kyrii day? I have no idea! I don't even own a Kyrii! But, we will probably have activites and stuff for all pet holidays!

Aug. 23

Come on, come on! Try your luck and buy a rainbow gun to win a SPOTTED GHOSTKERCHIEF!!! If I did it right the council member page should be up, but ya never know ... I also wanted to thank all of you that have been sending in your ideas to me, it helps SO much! Also, if any of you would like to *tada* HOST YOUR OWN ACTIVITY, contact ida_red via neomail for details on how to! You don't have to provide the prize for the winner unless it is a contest such as whomever donates the most to my shop.


The Neopians who Love their Pets guild, which is often referred to as the NLP is a guild for Neopians who, well, love their pets! Most of everything here is revolved around owners and their pets. We have not only member of the month but pet of the month, too! I would love if we could give away paintbrushes and other things to make your pet bea-utiful, but the guild account doesn't have the money right now. In order to get the money we need donations from you to help this guild out! Thanks for all,