Reservation and Billing System

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Documents Chapter Page: Acknowledgement

           We would like to extent our warmest gratitude to the person who gives the full support in helping us to complete this system.

  • To Mr. Reslie Yap, our Thesis Coordinator and to Mr. Diosdado C. Maico, our school Dean for the consultation and time they had rendered us.

  • To Mr.Christian Llanda, our Thesis adviser for spending time in checking documents.
  • To our Parents, for the endless support especially to the financial problem and understanding throughout this study.
  • To our friends, for helping us in grammar correction.
  • To the management and staff of MAG-V Royal Hotel for rendering their time and patience in giving us more information about their Hotel.
  • To Thar, Mitch, Jane, Bert, Bibing, Maricel, Janice, Helen, May2x, Aries, Gerom, Alvin,Benhar, Madz, Ponyang, Creez, Katseye, Janice Deang, Bartolome J. for giving me some idea.
  • To my beloved Ms. Maria Theresa Agustin Buenaventura for helping me and encouraging me to finish my Thesis Study., YEUVOLIO Baby!
  • And most of all, to our almighty God, for the guidance and blessings he had given to us, to make us more confident.