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my fav game.

hi welcome to ffonlineforever

       welcome to this site is all about final fantasy 8 and 10 i hope you like this site cause it was made by me for you and just to let you know i am 11 years old and this is my email address but soon i will be updating this page because i might be changing my email i will tell you if this happens i will post a new one k most of all the rules make sure you read them before you use this site and plz do not take the pics this gets very annoying to no that i make these pics and people take them if you see a site that has these pics plz tell me cause these are not to be taken this site is mine any taking of this page will be sued by me and to let you know i like these games a lot so try them out

here are some kool links k

try to help me make this site more popular just put in a link on your page thats all i ask of you plz help if you want email me any helpful info yes i will save pics from other sites and if you want email me your email and i will send you the weekly newsletter thanx and bye