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#: 92          Wed Jun 25 14:41:00 2003
I am: Bob
Site: bobbys officil site
Rating: 10
I mean: helo reajive..i miss you..i can;t belive school is over.. i miss playing tag with you..lets play hide and go seek next time we 'chill' together ok? well i gotta jet mommy calling..bye best bud-



P.s i miss you loads

#: 91          Tue Jun 24 21:33:22 2003
I am: *߮w b*
Rating: 10
I mean: yo....this is sum tuff shyt....nice work....ight im out




#: 90          Tue Jun 24 08:16:41 2003
I am: mi5s. joyceeeeeeeeee=]
Site: click fo ma web page!
Rating: 10
I mean: aiyyyyyyyy......

this is exceeeLLennnnnt. i would of gave it a 9 but i gave it a 10 cuz ma anna is in this. *dinesh anna...the 15th person in the pic thingy*. haha naw naw its really goood. *hint hint...maybe u ppl should put more pictures of YOU ppl. and put names beside em...and divijan u smell...haha im playin. byeeeeeee


#: 89          Sat Jun 7 18:03:55 2003
I am: (`herry]
Rating: 8
I mean: hey guys well nice site lol iunno what to say i like ur intro its pretty safe well im guna go now lol byeeeeee.....add some more pics otherwise its pretty cool!!!!!!

#: 88          Tue May 27 22:28:11 2003
I am: DJ Brown Soulja
Site: dj brown soulja
Rating: 10
I mean: yo u guyz have a safe shit going here....add them tracks soon time.....ezzzzzz

#: 87          Sun May 25 00:20:34 2003
I am: Lankan Princess
Rating: 10
I mean: wha gwan!!!

holla to all dem lankanz out dere. ur site is tuff! dinesh damn u look fyne. keep updatin da site. laterz

#: 86          Sat May 24 17:58:34 2003
I am: shamineh m
Rating: 10
I mean:


#: 85          Fri May 23 09:37:37 2003
I am: lankan4eva
Rating: 10
I mean: hey jus here 2 show some of dat lankan luv. Nice job u guys have done, by dah way those pics r lookin good. Latez

#: 84          Wed May 21 22:39:43 2003
I am: Amisha
Rating: 10
I mean: Rajeevvvvvvvvvv!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whats up sexy !!

Good site u got .. i kno u ddidnt do it ALL by ur self .. but styll .. i never knew u knew how to so these kinda stuff .. well n e wayz

Im out Hun

Bye.. Luv Ya

#: 83          Wed May 21 22:27:16 2003
I am: natasha mejia
Rating: 10
I mean: i like your website guys. i think its really kool. im not sure what else to write but great job:]

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