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The Nightmare Before Christmas

"What's this? What's this?"

The scene is Halloween Town where, not surprisingly, October 31 is the biggest night of the year. However, after arranging and carrying out his most devilish Halloween yet, Jack Skellington is suffering the post- holiday blues. He craves something different in his life, something that can't be found in Halloween Town. Wandering out in a forest, he discovers gateways to different holidays, and finds his way to Christmas Town. There, he is captivated by the lights, the festivity, and the joy. He returns home to tell everyone that this year, Halloween Town is going to celebrate Christmas. To make things complete, he, Jack Skellington, will replace "Sandy Claws" on his yearly December 25 ride, delivering presents and spreading good cheer. Everyone is enthused by the idea except Sally, who has a premonition of doom if Jack goes through with his plans.

I absolutely love this film! Its got everything you could want, humor, violence (minimal but still there) and romance (aww). Many people say it's more of a child's film but I disagree, I think its for everyone.