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Chapter 6

 She was awoken by hard shakes that repeatedly knocked her against the hard ground. Epona opened her eyes briefly and saw Leorin looking worriedly down at her. As she closed her eyes, to try and join the world of dream again, she wondered why she was still being shook. “Ok, ok. I'm up, what’s wrong with you?” she asked the still anxious looking Leorin. She sat up quickly but quickly fell back down with a crash “Ow!” she laughed, “ why did you let me do that? You know I get light headed” she laughed again but quickly stopped when she looked over at the silent man still sitting beside her. “Whats wrong?”

“I-I-I thought you were dead” he started to sob, “ you started screaming, and then those scratches and cuts started to appear on your face, I was so scared. I started trying to wake you but I couldn’t. You carried on screaming. Then you went silent for a bit and I thought you had just stopped having the dream, but then…then…” he couldn’t finish.

 “What? What happened?” Epona was intrigued at what could have made Leorin so upset. “What did you see?”

 “Your face, it went so pale, and then that horrible cut” he pointed at her leg “ then this…claw came out of nowhere. It was wrapped around your neck. It was killing you Epona, and I couldn’t stop it! As soon as you woke up it went.” He paused “ I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to…”

Epona sat up and put her arms round him. “Its ok, don’t worry.” She was confused, she remembered the cut in her leg, but it was only a dream. How could it still be there? And the claw around her neck? That wasn’t there in her dream. She was going to have to be careful about what she dreamed of. Or one day she wouldn’t wake up at all.

 After many minutes of silence Epona finally remembered what she had meant to ask Leorin. “Leorin?” he looked over at her “ who are those people that captured us?”

 Leorin sighed, “The smaller one would be an Ilver, the other I don’t know. The Ilver has been tracking me for a while but I didn’t count on him attacking us so soon. We have to be very careful.” At that moment the Ilver entered the small building, his companion waited out side. “Speak of the devil” Leorin murmured.

 “So you lived, did you? Well I suppose mother would have been terribly sorry if I killed you” he said in a sorrowful voice.

 “Shut up Sacher” Leorin growled, glancing quickly at Epona.

 Sacher, as the Ilver was apparently called, opened the gate to their cell and walked in, quickly closing it behind him. “What? You haven’t told her your big ol’ secret?” he roughly grabbed Leorin in a headlock and turned towards Epona “see any resemblance?” Sacher questioned her, he let his captive go, but as Leorin pulled back he pivoted round and slammed his fist into the side of the unsuspecting elves face. Sacher briskly walked out of the cell. As he reached the main door he raised his had in and waved. “See you soon brother” as he walked away his evil laugh filled the small building echoing the word “brother


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