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Chapter 5 

Leorin finally awoke with Eponas mouth tightly over his. Chocking back vomit he rolled away. “What are you doing!” he cried horrified. 

“Um I was trying to resuscitate you, why what did you think I was … oh!” she looked away embarrassed. 

“ Well… um… you see… well I didn’t mind but it was a bit of a shock” Leorin felt his face go bright red “ thanks for saving my life” he glanced painfully at the wound in his chest. Epona gently touched it but quickly retrieved her hand, her hand scarlet with his blood. Looking at her Leorin realised that although she was filthy she was quite pretty. He stared at her face and leaned. Epona turned her head away and looked at the floor “Look I know what your doing and I want you to know it cant happen” she said sadly  “ I don’t even know you. All I know is that you took me from my home and now I’m here.” She stared into his eyes and started getting closer, but finally stood up and walked away into a corner and sat down.

“I'm sorry. I shouldn’t have. Its my fault” Leorin mumbled. “I’m sorry” 

Epona looked sympathetically over to where he sat but still remained where she was. She finally fell asleep but was plagued by the horrible dream that had confused her for so long. She ran through the forest where the overhanging branches whipped her face, scratching at her eyes and cheeks. When she came to the cliff she expected the strong hand to save her again, but no, the hand did not come. She fell, and fell, and was finally grasped by the hand. As it clenched around her waist she felt the sharp claw dig into the soft muscle of her leg. She screamed in pain. The eyes were there and once again she could see into the mind of the monster. But this time she felt further and reached the core of the mind. But instead of finding the seed of pure evil she found a confused, frightened little girl. 

She had found Cassie.


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