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Chapter 2

Epona awoke in a cold sweat. It was the middle of the night and all the lights were out, she went and got a glass of water. When she returned the glass slipped from her hand and shattered on the wooden floor, there standing over her bed was a cloaked figure reaching towards where her neck would have been. As she went to scream the person looked round and with super-human speed ran over to her and covered her mouth making sure she couldn’t make a sound. Epona still could not see the face of the person but she felt somewhat comforted that this person was near. It said to her  “Come with me if you value your life” it was the same voice that was in her dream and so she did not argue. Slipping on a pair of joggers and a t-shirt over her pyjamas she followed the person out her window and down over the garden. As they reached the park that was a short distance from her house the figure broke into a run. Epona had a hard time keeping up even though she herself was a very fast runner. As they got to the forest the person slowed to a jog, and then a brisk walk. As they got to a clearing the person Epona was following sat down on a tree stump and stayed perfectly still. Epona sat to and then finally came to her senses; she had been running in a sort of trance and only then thought about what she had done. Getting up in a rage she confronted the figure that still said nothing “ why have you done this?!” she screamed. The person made no reply. “Answer me!” she shouted staring at the hood of the person. Seeing that he would not answer she raised her hand and slapped her abductor hard across the face. As she did so the figure fell backwards onto the mud. As it hit the hood slipped for a second and Epona caught a glimpse of a bright blue eye. Sitting up the person said slowly “you…are… the …one” the person stood up and quickly slipped off the cloak. Staring at the figure Epona realised he looked like her, tall, thin, bright blue eyes and long white hair. He was wearing a blue shirt that was tucked into a golden belt that seemed to shine even though there was no moon in the sky. His blue trousers and brown, thin boots made no noise as he walked over to her.“ Sit down Epona, this may take a while,” he said, “I must tell you something” he looked at her and for some reason Eponas legs became incredible tired but she remained standing. “No, first you will answer my questions, who are you and why have you taken me away from my home?” the man sighed and sat down on the ground “My name is Leorin. The reason I have taken you away from your home is because…” he sighed again “… tonight your house will be attacked. No one will survive. I had to take you away you are our only hope” he was unable to keep contact with Eponas eyes as the horrible truth sunk in. “but…my mum… my dad…t-t-their going t-t-to...” she stammered. Then as she thought she stepped forward and slapped the man again, why had he hidden the truth? “ We have to go back! We’ve got to get them out” as she said this she turned to run the way they came when Leorin stood up and grabbed her wrist and made her face him. He stared into her eyes and said in a soft voice “Epona, its too late, you know in your heart it is” and as he said this Epona could hold back her tears no longer. She burst into tears and franticly began hitting at Leorin. He grasped the fists flying at him and as she gave in he placed a comforting arm around her shoulder.

When she had stopped crying Leorin stood up and turning his back to Epona he explained that they could not stay here but as he turned round she was no longer there. Searching for her he finally realised where she was and after an anxious breath he sprinted after her.

He reached her just at the beginning of her garden. She was standing still and staring at the blood streaked window in her kitchen. Stepping in front of the pale girl he pulled her towards him and acting as a shield stopped her from looking at the house. She sobbed quietly into his chest until she said finally “I want to go in” nodding Leorin grasped her hand and lead her through the debris left from an obvious fight. As the pair entered the kitchen Epona saw her mother lying on the floor. She looked as if she was asleep but from the large cut on her head and the pool of blood surrounding her Epona knew she was dead. Choking back tears Epona entered the lounge where her father was lying on his side. From the look of his body he hadn’t died quickly. His outstretched hand and the scratches on the wooden floor showed that he had tried to crawl away. He was covered in cuts from head to toe but the death strike had been through the chest by a sword that still remained in place. By the blood on the hilt Epona knew he had tried to withdraw the sword. Going quickly upstairs Epona went to her room and through her tearful eyes could see her bed with various slices in it and it was obvious they had meant to kill her too. Leorin lightly touched her arm and as she turned she followed his finger to the wall where a message had been painted in blood.

Reading it she broke down in tears-“you got away this time, but next time you wont be so lucky. I’ll get you, you can bet on it. No one can save you, your all-alone now. Ha ha!

 Epona got to her feet and faced Leorin. He looked ashamed and could not face her.“I’m sorry, there was no other way. I did not want this to happen.” He said quietly, as though holding back tears himself. Epona said nothing. Grabbing two towels she walked downstairs and covered the faces of her parents. Walking out the house she was followed by Leorin that stayed a few feet behind her. Getting to the clearing once again she turned round and faced him. Sitting down on the ground she looked into his eyes and said, “You have some explaining to do”


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