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"Example BdSm Types of Branding"

The first type of Branding
There are some Dominant that like to brand there submissive. During the finial collaring of the submissive they want to wear their Dominant brand. Some dominants have a house brand some will have their submissive brand with there name and a symbol of their choice. There are some that use branding in there play. Some submissive enjoy being branded but mostly branding is use in ensuring that the submissive is theirs.
About branding some Rules to follow.
1. You should have some ice for after the branding.
2. You want to get the iron very hot to insure of short time of branding.
3. you may want to use pliers to hold the iron.
4. Use a plate or something that is not combustible to lay the hot iron on.
5. You want the submissive dress in something comfortable, and sitting in comfortable chair so they may be at ease.
6. The branding should be mapped out, so the submissive knows what to expect. Both sides agree with what have been mapped out long before the branding takes place.
7. At this time you may want to apply the ice to the branding You also do not want to forget the aftercare of the submissive. That to is very important. After the branding the submissive will becoming down from sub space and that is when the pain of the branding will start.
8. When branding in a collaring ceremony is something very special for both so please remember to keep a safe distain from were the branding is taking place. So this there is no disruption that could not only dangerous but can be dramatic for both.
The second type of Branding.
This is one Lord Dragon likes to use. It is called a Fake branding. This is an example of how he does his fake branding.
He brings in the submissive and they walk past the iron that is heating up in the fire. Just out of the submissive site is another iron sitting in dry ice. He then sits the submissive down in the chair. Then he put the blindfold on them so they can not see what is going on. When the Iron is hot enough he then brings it close so the submissive can feel the heat. but does not touch her with it. He then puts it back in to the fire to heat up some more. The he reaches for the iron that has been sitting in the dry ice. Then as he start to lay it on there skin. an other person is using the hot on a piece a meat so the submissive hears the sizzle and thinks that they have been touch with the Hot iron. And let us say this the submissive you do this with you want to make sure that they can handle this type of play. One that is not strong I would not recommend you doing this type of play with them.
Written by:
**Lady Dragon**