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Welcome to FTH A Simpsons Fansite Devoted to Fat Tony and his Goons. This is the laurch design, once i do more grabpics I'll get more creative. ;) OPENED 13.5.04

BIG Update Posted by Lee

Okay, big update! I have 5 new Other Grabpics. I've found 2 more Episode Appearances. I also have 3 more Colour Ins and thats all for this month! [[ 31.5.04 ]]

3 Media Stuff... 3 Media Stuff.. Posted by Lee

Today I have 3 new Other Grabpics and 3 new Colour Ins. [[ 26.5.04 ]]

Whoa! I never noticed this before!!! Posted by Lee

I never noticed this before, but Fat Tony was in a Season 15 episode! Yes, doesn't say a word but is spotted in a scene where most of the citizens speak about Marge's Book in Diatribe of a Mad Housewife. Also 2 NEW Other Grabpics [[ 24.5.05 ]]

The Fast and the Obvious Furious Pun Posted by Lee

Okay, today I have some nice stuff. How about Comic Reviews? Yes okay, they are under the Other Section. Also, some more stuff added to My Simpsons Collection. [[ 23.5.04 ]]

A guide to MY LIFE, the biography Posted by Lee

Okay, added a new Comic reference and also a new buddle of characters (but I'll call them the Robot Mafia under Characters Met. Also, everyday from now on I'll add something new to a NEW page under the Other Section, My Simpsons Collection, today I added Simpson Comics and tomorrow I'll do DVD's. EDIT: Seems I have alot more stuff to update on. I have 3 new Other Grabpics, these are Leela, a younger Patty and Homer. Also, one new page also, Colour-In. Basically what it says. Only two images up so far and they are NON-FAT TONY images. Thats all for today I'm sure of it now! C ya later. [[ 22.5.04 ]]

I pity the fool!!! Posted by Lee

Yep, that's right, today is Mr T's birthday.. from the A-Team... no... Okay. More importatly, I have some new Characters met for you. Quimby & Mc Bain. Also one new Other Grabpic.

I'm working on a new design for my Futurama Website: Lost In Futurama, so if I don't update for a little while. It may not really effect this site at all, but still, now you know where I might be. [[ 21.5.04 ]]

One thing on my mind Posted by Lee

Today a new other grabpic of Edna. I've added info of the time Fat Tony met Krusty the Klown and also some edits in the Comics page and a new one. I spotted Legs again!!! [[ 19.5.04 ]]

Right, lets take last one look into the past.. okay that's enough Posted by Lee

Well, today i have grabpics for you, 3 in fact. Once I get some more done, I'll start work on a new design. Also, a new media page Characters Met. Just a list and some info about characters Fat Tony has met in his appearances in The Simpsons.[[ 18.5.04 ]]

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