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Ironbutts Visit the Don Gartlis Museum

On Friday, March 5, 2004, several riders from the Long Distance Riders List visited Don Gartlis and took a tour of his Museum of Drag Racing. Mr. Gartlis guided the group through the workshop areas which included a look at the latest model of the "Swamp Rat". One of the highlights of the day was when Mr. Gartlis related the story of how he (and his wife Pat) came to be in the museum business. The whole tour can best be described as WOW!!! (or maybe "way kool" if you are younger than me). You have to go there if you ever get a chance. Thanks to Morris Kruemcke for setting this up for the LD list members.

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Ironbutts to Ocala

Don Gartlis and Morris

Don Explains

Don Gartlis and Duke Dunsford

Don Gartlis

7.08 Seconds

Swamp Rat 1

$1000 per Tire

Who is that guy with Poobah?

Record Setting Engines

Surf's Up!!

Thunder Road Engine

Best Damn Garage In Town