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Kurgon's Homepage

Your walking through the woods, on a warm fall day. You look around and notice all the trees around you are bright shades of Red yelloworange and Various diffrent shades of color. As your walking you notice something fly over head, it was too big to be a bird and too small to be a Dragon, so you decied to walk towards the way it was flying. The direction the thing was traveling takes you to the side of a montain, as you start climing you hear a voice.

I see your curiosity has made you follow me, or is it Courage? lets find out!

You notice that the Climb really is'nt that hard. Animals are running down the side of the mountaint trying to get away from what ever your trying to reach.

Lets see how far you will go to satisfiy you Curiosity!

With that the side of the mountain begains to shake, it takes all you have to grab hold of a tree as to not slide down back to the bottom. Closeing your eyes with fright, thinking the world is going to End, just as it started, it ended. You open your eyes thanking the Gods you have survived, you notice a hilt in the ground not more than 3 hands length away from you. Humm how curios. That wasn't their when I took hold of the tree. You say to yourself. Should you Pick it up or Not?

Pick it out of the Ground
Leave it there