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Just rubbed out. George McCormick's hounds note fourteen inch brow tines. 7mm mag two shots I'm a happy Lad.This stags marks were given to our crew by a rival crew as a hind, they made a big mistake that day and were not too happy seeing the deer go out in our vehicle.

This photo was taken at spot x near Mt.Hotham looking towards Gippsland,a month later there was 6ft. of snow here.Plenty of hunters will recognise this spot especially you houndmen out there.

Dartmouth Lake 80's very steep country hard to find a flat campsite note two boats right in camp.Not a productive hunt as the only stag we could find beat us hands down.There has been some quality stags coming out of this area and though its steep country(whats not)its a great place to hunt.

This stag shot by David Wyatt .308 in Little Annie Ck is the biggest bodied sambar stag I have seen. Also a very short coated body incredibly bristly.This stag was taken before the track in was opened and let me tell you his hind leg took a bit of carrying.George McCormicks hound in the background, nothing like getting a good one first up on a Saturday morning.8am. Saturday.

As I found him. One shot 7mm mag. G. McCormick's hounds pushed him up to me high on Mt. Thorn in the burn. As he crossed behind me sneaking I gave him one, he jumped four feet high straight up and I found him as he is.I`m still looking for the one that put the scars on his neck.Now that you have seen some of my photo`s give me a good enough reason and I will give you permission to use them. E-mail top of page one.All deer of mine on these pages have been taken with a much loved pre 64 mod 70Win.using150+175 grain Win sp.Hail to the .7mm mag.Red and black page colours are my football team colours.Go Bombers!