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This page is purely for the purpose of swapping a few hunting tales and pics with fellow hunters from wherever.Photo of my good old sambar deer bitch and her red dog pup with a Nth.Qld. boar,the dogs readily took to pigs though they had spent their lives on sambar hunting in Vic.SIGN MY GUESTBOOK FOR THIS PAGE ON MY DEER HUNTING AND FISHING PAGES CLICK ON HEADING PAGE ONE TO GET YOU THERE.

We had the kids and dogs loaded for the trip home from Karumba when i saw this nice boar south of Normanton.I dropped my old bitch on him and she bailed him up quick smart,he had her bluffed and i ran over with my old single.12g and rattled his ribs with buckshot as he turned for the thick shit at about 40yds.The bitch was barking on his carcase 200yds away in 6ft.canegrass a minute later.Red pup having been tied in the back as his mother was on heat went mad,i think his lack of exp.would have been the end for him with this hog.

These dogs are all dead,hard to keep them alive on pigs.Bitch pup learnt to ear them and white bitch learnt the hard way to lug alongside she was later killed by a boar at Tumbarumba in mountain country.

Western NSW.back before the chillers. These were going home for dog tucker.Pigs cant be transported home anymore so they are left where you stick em unless you have a chiller nearby.

Old rat probably my best allrounder on big boars, foxes anything,especially kind to feral and not so feral cats,this dog handled anything one out and was a major asset.He was later killed by a big old man `roo in a waterhole.Good dogs dont last long in our tough hunting environment