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Written Works:


>>When Seniors Graduate ... -  2/10/04 a comtiplation on what it had meant to me to be a member of our school's anime club for four years, and about it's fate in the future, along with some friend's comments. Not really an essay at all but... well read on...

>> Job Outsourcing Research Paper - 5/10/04  7, count 'em, 7 pages on the escalating crisis of exporting our jobs to foreign countries

>>Code of Ethics - 6/3/03 A paper I wrote for my Morality and Ethics class that I'm quite proud of.

>> Letters to Oma - 5/5/03 an story/interview on my grandmother, a Dutch WWII survivor.  It is based off of letters she sent me in answer to my interview questions and a phone interview.  This is all true and all real

.>>The Benefits of File Sharing - 10/29/03 An opinion debate paper for my civics class.  I still agree with most of the stuff I wrote ...

>>To Death With the Death Penalty! - 2/5/03 An essay for my Morality and Ethics class.  Very good class, I learned a lot.

>>EmersontheHippie essay - 11/23/02 A short essay on transindentalism

>> Color of Water - 9/5/02
essay on the bibliography by James McBride. Excerpt: " In The Color of Water by James Mcbride, James- a black man-tells the story of his own life and that of his astounding white Jewish mother, Ruth. Because of his mixed heritage, he encounters major identity conflicts during his life, to which at the end of the book, he resolves"

>> Nihon Insight - Journey To Japan 9/10/05




>>Untitled - 5/2004 this is a poem that I wrote while contemplating my high school graduation... I was thinking of how it was the death of one period of my life and well, the words just sort of flowed.  Not too good but I like it.

>> The Mute and the Muse - 2002 a fave poem inspired by writer's block!

...More to come