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Here is some of my observations/wisdom that I impart onto you


Humans are complicated beings; they feel guilt for eating petite confections and worry if the hue of their garments coordinates with the hue of their eyes, among other frivolous things.

~ an Alienís viewpoint, Oct. 02 ~



Of course itís easy to tread the beaten path!  All your doing is following in the majorityís footsteps.  Break away and do some trailblazing and freethinking!



Donít give advice if you canít follow it yourself.



Those who say it cannot be done should not interrupt the person doing it.

~Chinese proverb~



Good friends are like hard candy.  They never go bad.


It is better to be hated for you are than liked for who you are not.
~Bumper sticker, a personal favorite of mine~


the rest is a musing...


i do like being outdoors.... i guess u could say that i have a profound respect for the sacredness of nature... it ususally in this woods... where i can feel the most peace in my heart. the forest's 'song of silence"... sound or the lack of it, i think it has a deep effect on me. maybe because in anime there is more meaning in what is not said but what is implied. silence can speak a thousand words...


its' like in RahXephon. "The world, suffused with sound." in the show, music and sound are the forces that shape the world. i think this extends to the real world. sound, music, voice, words. these can change the world. think of Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream", "Imagine" by the Beatles, the teachings of Ganhdi or Confucious. their use of sound helped to change and shape the world. i've had even simple words change my world... three simple words... i love you. depending on the circumstances, those words can make or break you. manga ref.:Alice 19th.certain words or phrases hold special power that can change the Inner Heart, the true center of one's being. for the protagonist Alice its' Rangu, for courage. for me it's rangu and Daratsu, for detrimination. "Red for detrimination and... courage" (Trigun)


these words have helped me keep going even when i'm feeling like hell. a chibi-vash is on my carkeys that are always in my pocket, to remind me.i have a tendacy to get excited about a new project and half way thru, i loose steam and quit. but vash is there to remind me to keep going......



my life has not been a piece of cake. i have probably made it this far because of the people behind me who support me, as well as my desire to do well and to succeed. desire.... these are another thing of strong effects... they rule our hearts and heads often..... i believe taht we create our lives, no our realites, for the images of our desires.... in other cultures, your reality is this one you are born into, and none of your efforts can change it, no matter how difficult a life it is..... not that thier is not small degree of suffering in this world, everyone has experiences some sort of hardship or trial... as the Buddha says "Life is Dukka (pain/suffering)" but i think imagintion and creativity are gifts given to us to color our lifes and make it more enjoyable. i want to be able to use my gifts to do just that..... i want to do something with my life


i want my life to have meaning. i want to be able to say that i somehow contributed to this world that made it a deep, richer, more meaningful place to be. i want to create and be recognized for my creations. however, is this wrong? is it wrong to want to create for the recognition? should we not just create because it is good and right and not just because will better ourselves and our reputations? if i think back... most of what i've ever done is so that it can be viewed and be praised......... still just like i was in elementary school..... my motives need to change.... a story or an image or sound exist so that it can be shared, not just so the person who was gift with the idea can be told how good they are... right? if i do become an artist as a career i must not let money or prestige become the center focus....