Samurai Amuro, cell painting

Date: 5/20/04

By the numbers: background is colored pencil, 2 hrs research and sketching, 5 hrs coloring. Cell is acrylic paint, around 10 hrs of class and after school work. This is not to mention the time it took to scan the dang thing (hour and a half). Total : 18 and a half hrs

This is my cell painting that i did for my Animation and drawing class. I have learned that cell painting is really, really, reallllly hard to do and i can really appreciate all the contract workers in Korea and China who are painting high quality anime cells for a living. Blessings on you good workers, fkor though your toils, many good shows have been brought to my shores! (California that is hehe ^_^)

Anyways, as for this piece, i like it. It's pretty crappy, but i like it. Any why the name Amuro? I was watching Macross and well, i like to name my characters and he seemed to fit it. Maybe it should have been something more "olden Japan" sounding, but meh.... it is what it is. I wish the scan had turned out better, i need to learn how to use one with Photoshop effectively...

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