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Eternally Lost- A Site Named After What Ryoga from Ranma 1/2 Is

She settles,
Upon her wings of gold,
Her mind closed to those all around,
Vampire in spirit,
In a cold December,
A million years have past,
Still she’s there,
Sitting on her well,
Staring through the spell,
The shroud that covers her,
A thick blanket of mist,
That cannot be broken,
She is her own person,
Not to be disturbed,
Like the summers autumn world,
My self,
A summer,
Amazingly true to herself,
As she watches the dawn set on her world

Copyright Ellena Smith, All Rights Reserved, Violators will be hung from the ceiling and tortured.

Okay, okay, I've decided this site is not stupid anymore (mostly because I can get pics to show)... but since I am a senior this year, I might have time to spend on this site! I'm quite excited actually (this be my sixth through tenth attempt at a good website... I am sad...)! Oh, and that poem up there, was written by a friend of mine abou tme, so don't take it! Hed the warning she hath put with it!

Anyway, look around, enjoy the one pic I have and quiz results I got from Quizilla quizzes (I'll have my famous Sips of Blood up soon)...


Things I Am (at Quizilla)



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