Welcome to My Wilderness design for day dream graphics!

I'm going to be extra speically careful with this one because I don't want to have to go through all the problems I went through the last time. That was an absoulute nightmare. So if you ever get into the website layout business always remember to scan the file for virus before you submit it!

About The Layout

This layout is a mixture of tables, Iframes and div layers. It doesn't have a very complex layout code like my last one did which took ages to explain although it was relatively simple to use.

The Background Image

The background image for this layout is of a boy and a girl sitting on a cottage roof in the middle of the jungle watching the sun set. I got the image from BoyIs.com The words Wilderness up at the top I made myself using Chow Fun font and Sharp Blade Pro PSP filter.


To To Install just download it open the file and upload everything in the file to your own server and you have basically finished.

Using the Coding

All you really have to do for this one is change the Links, simply by going to the Main Page, (koonyness.html) and look for the area of the code marked by:

<!-- Navigation Area -->

Then change the links as you please.

To add Updates do exactly the same but go to:

<!-- Updates Area -->

Then to change the website is owned by just go to:

<!-- Website Owned by + Last Updated -->

Contact Me

If you have any problems you are more than welcome to contact me at axcelia@hotmail.com.

If you want me to create you a similar layout for you feel free to e-mail me at axcelia@hotmail.com.


----*---- Signed Axcelia ----*----

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