Posted: 22nd February

This is where all the updates for FlatFAce.net go


1. Label everthing neatly.

2. Upload the layout

3. Check everthing works.

4. give them the url.

Then cross my fingers hope for the best and if it doesn't get chosen I can always enter it into DayDream Graphics...


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Ok this took a long time so I hope you like it even if it doesn't get chosen anyway I thought the logo was kinda nice + it looks ok for 1024X768 + 800X600 + IE I don't know if it looks good on Mozzila but my layouts normally do so I'll just cross my fingers for that one.

Well I'm gonna make this as easy to edit as posible, partly because its good practice + its easier for you to edit which id also good practice...

Everything is labelled with comment tags which look like the following:



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don't want to spend too much time on this update, so here's what's going on: php safe_mode is off again. Everything's secure in the main html directory anyways. Webmail via Squirrelmail isn't working right now, but you can use the control panel's webmail interface. https://flatface.net:1337 is where you can log on. (Secure HTTP) Besides webmail, everything else is set up. If you have any suggestions about what to add to FlatFace.net, drop us a line! [Contact via IRC or reply to topic] EDIT: I got the PHP mail() function working. And yes, it's working at LEAST 50x (no joke) faster than before.


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