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Fiona LaPare

Who am I?? *a slight smirk forms upon her lips as she leans closer to you looking you up and down with peircing green eyes*

I'll tell you who I am but it shall cost you. *her eyes sparkle with a predatory glint that makes you alittle uncomfortable*

The price? *a soft chuckles passes her lips* The price is your blood of course...

*In a flash she is upon you, a cold hand clasping the nape of your neck holding you still.

*As her fangs pierce your skin the moment of pain subsides and a feeling of pure pleasure falls over your being. Her voice the last thing you hear as you succumb to the darkness*

I am Fiona...


Height: 5'10"
Weight: 125 pounds
Hair: Blonde (waist length)
Eyes: Green
Race: Vampire

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