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Title: Self Preservation

Author: Myk

Rating: NC-17

Pairings: DM/HP, HP/HP (masturbation)

Warnings: masturbation

Feedback: Yes! I'm desperate! Please?

Archive: Sure, just ask. Again though, not that anyone would want it. *shudders* It's bad.

Summary: Attempting some quality time with his lover, Harry is dismayed when he is interrupted. He must then take things into his own hands.

Disclaimer: *blinks and looks around* Nope, not JKR. Not even close. Damn.

Being roughly pushed against the dungeon wall near the entrance to the Slytherin common room, Harry let out a 'oomph' of air that was cut off by an insistent mouth pressing to his, stealing his breath, and ravaging his mouth. Moaning, Harry pressed wantonly against the body that was pining his, attempting to wind his arms around the warm body. Letting out a keening whine when his hands were trapped and pushed above his head against the wall by his lover, Harry was left to writhe against the other, desperate for contact.

Feeling the mouth leave his, moving down his neck and sucking, Harry bucked against the other. "Draco...please. Your room, not out here! Oh..." Groaning, Harry decided that he really didn't care where they were, as long as Draco didn't move his knee from where he had strategically placed it. Feeling Draco applying pressure, he urged him on by attempting to rock against the leg, giving him very pleasant friction.

" taste so nice, Harry." Unclasping Harry's hands, Draco removed the boy's robes, letting the garment fall to their feet. Moving his hands up under Harry's shirt, he started to happily tweak Harry's nipples, reveling in Harry's moans and mewls. He really loved those noises. They made Harry sound like a big cat.

"What the?!" Cursing, Draco quickly stopped his ministrations, whirling around and covering Harry from view. Glowering at the interrupters, Draco whipped around towards Harry, kissed him passionately, and then re-robed him. Sending one last glare over his shoulder, he quickly parted ways with the flushed and panting Gryffindor, leaving Harry in a daze.

"Damnit!" Hearing Harry's explicative, the Slytherins who interrupted decided they should leave now. Continuing his cursings of their bad timing, Harry went back to the tower alone. He would have to take care of his raging hard-on himself.

Stalking into the Gryffindor Tower, Harry ignored the friendly calls to wait that were issued from Ron and Hermione. He really didn't feel like dealing with anything but his erection at the moment, emotions of his friends be damned. It's not like the noticed him outside their small little world view that consisted of them, a private place, and snogging. So, continuing his quick pace, Harry threw open the door that led into the dorm rooms, ignoring the startled squeaks that were issued from Dean and Seamus. He could care less that they were sixty-nining one another. Flopping onto his own bed after toeing off his shoes, Harry closed his curtains, casting silencing charms, privacy wards, and other spells to keep prying eyes away.

Setting to work, Harry freed his erection from the tight confines of his pants, imagining the pale, smooth, aristocratic hands of his lover replacing his own. Groaning as the cool air hit his engorged member, Harry imagined the smug smirk that would grace his lover's fey like features before hearing the drawling voice reminding him of patience and the fact that they had plenty of time. Giving his cock a few experimental jerks, Harry settled on a smooth flowing movement that reminded him of the tender times with his lover.

Stopping his self gratification for a minute, Harry lifted his hips, pushing his pants and boxers off his slender pale legs, and out of his way entirely. Wrapping his hand back around his shaft, he started the slow strokes up again, circling the head of his cock when he reached it. Sucking with great enthusiasm on his own fingers, Harry, once they were properly lubricated, brought his other hand down to his own entrance, pushing a wet, slick finger past his anal muscles. Making a mewling noise, Harry reverted to purring as he fisted his own cock with a finger firmly wedged in his ass. He started moving the finger in and out before quickly adding a second and a third, imaging his lover doing this to him. His piercing steel eyes watching Harry's emerald eyes darkening in lust as he rubbed his prostate in an almost lazy manner.

Breath hitching at the image, Harry came nearly violently, exploding over his own hand with a keening whine, calling out the name of his lover. Panting, he quickly cleaned himself up, already wishing that he were with Draco to actual do what he was imagining.