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Ministry Era

In January, 1999, The Undertaker returned to the WWE, after being defeated by Austin in a buried alive match at Rock Bottom, December 13, 1998. His evil persona had taken a turn, with his announcment of an Era of Darkness to fall upon the WWE. He began the Ministry of Darkness. After the Ministry recruited the Brood, In February, The Undertaker announced his intention to take control of the WWE from Vince McMahon. The Ministry began to stalk the McMahon family, in paticular Stephanie Mcmahon. Stephanie was abducted by the Ministry, but was found in the boiler room when Ken Shamrock made Christian tell where she was. The Brood then left the Ministry when Edge and Gangrel saved Christian from being sacrificed. When Vince had gone to watch the main event at Backlash, The Undertaker abducted Stephanie again.