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Icarus Allsorts – Roger McGough

eA meteorite is reported to have landed

in New England. No damage is saidcf


A littlebit of heaven fell

From out the sky one day

It landed in the ocean

Not so very far away

The General at the radar screen

Rubbed his hands with glee

And grinning pressed the button

That started World War Three


From every corner of the earth

Bombs began to fly

There were even missile jams

No traffic lights in the sky

In the time it takes to blow your nose

The people fell, the mushrooms rose


eHouse!f cried the fatlady

As the bingohall moved to various parts

of the town


eRaus!f cried the German butcher

as his shop can tumbling down


Phillip was in the countinghouse

Counting out his money

The Queen was in the parlour

Eating bread and honey

When through the window

Flew a bomb

And made them go all funny


In the time it takes to draw a breath

Or eat a toadstool, instant death.


The rich

Huddled outside the doors of their fallout shelters

Like drunken carolsingers


The poor

Clutching shattered televisions

And last weekfs edition of T.V. Times

(but the very last)

Civil defence volunteers

With their tin hats in one hand

And their heads in the other


CND supporters

Their ban the bomb badges beginning to rust

Have scrawled eI told you sof in the dust.


A littlebit of heaven fell

From out the sky one day

It landed in Vermont

North-Eastern U.S.A.

The general at the radar screen

He should have got the sack

But that wouldnft bring

Three thousand million, seven hundred

            and sixty-eight people back

Would it?