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Khanh Nguyen My long term buddy known as goofy civic.  Considerate, conversable, humorous person.  Sometimes immature.  Must be a AA member to view profile.
Mai T. Trang V A special person to me.  I loved her and I don't like her.  I'll never forget what we've been through...the good times and bad.  Honestly, I hope she does find someone who will bring her joy than disparity.  Good luck to her though I know she doesn't need it.
H. Yen Nguyen A good friend.  I don't know her very long but seem like a nice open person.  Good communication skills.
Tina Lam Very cool friend.  Very energetic, happy, and optimistic.
Vantha Chuck Bun What can I say about this guy.  He's unique.  He let's nothing stop him.  Always happy, witty, humorous, and understanding.  Happiness finds this guy without asking for it.  I'm jealous of this guy sometimes. lol.  Nah, Vantha, you're the man.
Asian Avenue A nice page to meet asians and view asian cultures
Asian Friend Finder Search for asian friends online
Click2Asia Asian Meeting Place
CnP JavaScript A cool site if you're a webmaster.
Desktop Wallpaper Get some desktop wallpapers for your computer desktop so it would look more nice.  I wouldn't recommend themes if your computer is slow.  Try Windows Blind Download some stuff for your computer.  It has thousands of apps and demos.  Only about a hundred things are useful.
Dynamic Drive DHTML A cool site if you're a webmaster.
Sun and JAVA programming A website based for programming development.  Basically Java
BroadBand Reports Do you have Cable or DSL?  Maybe you should try this to boost performance
Netflix Rent DVD by mail.
DivX Source Download DivX files for encoding/decoding and stuff
Hot or Not Rate your picture and others online.   Scale from one to ten (1 being super ugly)
Happy Tree Friends Happy Tree Friends.  These cute critters get into a lot of trouble... really bloody trouble.
Yahoo Games Yahoo has pretty much everything.  Here's their game section
Mega Games The hardcore gaming experience.  Get patches, cracks, hacks, and cheats.  I'm there for patches.
CalState Polytech Univ. Pomona Visit my school
The Good, the Bad, the Tenured Going to CalPoly.  Check what student's have to say about their professors. You guessed it by the site name... It's a Online Dictionary and Thesaurus.  Look up a word very quick instead of manually searching it in a book.
Google Good Web Search Engine I guess you get or find scholarships here.  Take advantage of them.  It's free money for the taking but you just need time to get them. Print Stamps from your computer using a CC.  Very nice idea!
Mappoint or MapQuest Get directions to a location.  Look into the yellow page as well
VIET Get Vietnamese Music Here.  I have a collection of a few hundred viet songs.
Vietnamese Students Association Network formed and operated by a group of  Vietnamese students at University of Massachusetts Boston in the hopes to bring all VSA communities all around the world together.
Vietfun or VietSpace Dedicated to Vietnamese entertainment and culture.
Vietsingle Vietnamese dating site
AnhYeu Yet Another Vietnamese dating site
ASTALAVISTA.BOX.SK Crack Search Engine.  Usefull site if you want to find a serial or a crack for a program.
EBay or Ubid Get some great bids on cool stuff Site containing LINKS to Interesting website... I like the bodypaint because they are work of art