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The creatures of Mercury City vary. From true forms to the half-breeds walk the streets. Living normal lives, or part of the wild life. Most common are the humans. But populated among them are vampires,demons,werecreatures,angels, mages, gods/goddesses, the fae, and even devils.

This is page is descriptions of what the creatures capabilities are in Mercury City. The race rules if you would have it. Most of it is going off the various mythologies. I am not fond of modern versions of what causes vampires and werecreatures to die, etc..

Humans ~Normal, Mutants, Spawns and Mages

Humans are just like you and me. Some do have ties to bloodlines to any race of creature available and might have mutant or spawned like abilities. Some are capabable of magic, while others might have a mutant ability like unnatural speed. Any ideas for the type person you want to play that is human please email me and we will discuss in private what you are capable of and limitations and weaknesses. Humans for the most part are mortal. They live a normal life span of maybe 90 years then die. There are some exceptions to the rule if they are half-breeds.

Vampires and Vampire Kin

Vampires,dhamphir,wraiths, ghouls and other forms of undead. These creatures for the most part are immortal. The abilities vary. Vampires of course being more powerful of the bunch.

Vampires do have SOULS, a belief that many do not belief in because of all the different mythologies.. but it is not the original soul the person had when they were embraced, that soul is there but it lays dorment and at times can arise but otherwise its a demonic soul that inhabits the vampire. Vampires can walk in the day as long as it is cast over but at a penality to their abilities. If in direct sunlight they can and will perish. Unless by chance they have found an ancient artifact that allows them to wonder in the day hours in direct light. Vampires are also effected be fire. The younger they are the faster they will burn and die. Older or ancient vampires are an exception. Some of have actually built up a resistance to flame over the years and with just given blood (fresh) can awaken and their body will begin to replinish. Not all vampires are weary of holy symbols. It will depend if they were religious and had faith in their religion prior to their vampiric embrace. ((So say they were a buddist before "death" the cross may not effect them but some religious article of the buddist belief would... but if they were antarchist before hand holy relics wont phase them.)) Vampires contrary to popular belief can cross running water. Also the stake thru the heart. A vampire doesnt turn to dust like vampires do in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" once struck with a stake. A stake must be long enough that it it can be forced thru a vampire and into something behind him. Thus immobilizing a vampire from attacking. The creature though can try to find a way to free itself. Vampires have super human strength. For every thousand of years the creature has been around the more they can lift, toss, carry etc. A fledgling vampire can do as much 3 x his own body weight, whereas an a vampire that has been around since the dawning of man can move a three story building from its foundation.